Once upon a TIME…..

My daughter is quite fond of books. I am sure I have mentioned this before. This is the reason I enrolled her in a library where we get 4 new books to read every week. I need to read at least 2 story books to her before she goes to bed each evening. Now yesterday I asked her to narrate me a story. I ask her quite often, but she is only interested in listening. But yesterday, surprise of all surprises, she obliged me. And thus started her story.

Once upon a time - Mowgli

Once upon a time (that’s her favourite opening line), there was a big jungle (she loves jungle stories). In the jungle, stayed little Mowgli (she has recently heard about the Jungle Book and Mowgli).

Now one day, mama elephant and daddy elephant came to Mowgli’s house. The mama elephant started eating Mowgli. (Oh my, is that even possible?!)

Then the daddy elephant started eating Mowgli. Mowgli started crying. Then a rabbit passed by.

The rabbit asked Mowgli “What happened Mowgli? Why are you crying?”

Mowgli said, “Mama elephant and daddy elephant are eating me.”

So rabbit picked up a stick and started hitting the mama elephant and daddy elephant. (I would love to see one in action)

He said, “Don’t eat Mowgli.”

And mama elephant and daddy elephant ran away.

Mowgli was happy and he gave the rabbit a carrot to eat. (I loved the carrot part)

Now the story is finished.

By the time she finished her story, my stomach was hurting like crazy on account of controlling my laughter. But, in spite of the, ahem, evident technical errors in the stories, I was proud of my little munchkin. That’s a decent enough narrative from a 3-year old, what say?

This story of hers made me remember my childhood days. In the language exams, we were asked to write autobiographies. Usually of a pen, shoe, tree or car when we were 7-8 years old.

And I remember, in the end, I used to write, “And now I can feel the death creeping up on me. I am dying. I am dead now. Take care, my friends.”

It took the teachers quite some time to convince me and others like me that no one can write once they are DEAD! Ha ha, the little minds and their ignorance about LIFE’s realities.