7 Special Holi foods that will have you salivating

Indian festivals are all about foods and bingeing. While preparations for Diwali foods start days in advance, Holi foods are no less important. There are special foods that are prepared on Holi. As Holi falls on the cusp of winter and spring in the North India and spring and summer in the western part of India, these special foods are designed to keep the body cool and warm at the same time.

Here is the list of 7 special Holi foods that will have you salivating.

Thandai – Thandai at Holi is ubiquitous. As the name suggests, it’s a cooling drink, a perfect beverage for the March heat. At every Holi party you visit, you will be seeing pots and pots of this sweetened and spiced, aromatic milk concoction flowing freely. While everyone has their own special thandai recipe, I have learnt mine from my dad who makes some mean thandai. On Holi, our neighbours wait for his thandai.

He makes a spice thandai mix using almonds, pistachios, cashew nuts, fennel seeds, water melon seeds, rose petals, black pepper, poppy seeds, cardamom, saffron and sugar. He also makes a special thandai using bhang, edible cannabis preparation.

Gujiya – Gujiya is another special Holi food that you will see in plenty. Though it is a dish that comes with several regional twists, it is primarily made of flour, semolina, nuts and dry fruits mixture. It is traditionally deep fried in ghee, and then dipped in sugar syrup, though a healthier baked version is gaining popularity these days.

Malpua – Malpua is a popular food item at Holi celebrations. Made from all-purpose flour, semolina, khoya/mawa, these pancakes are deep fried in ghee, dipped in saffron-cardamom sugar syrup and topped with chopped nuts turning them into an indulgent dessert. To make it more decadent, serve it with sweet rabri.

Dahi vada – Dahi vada or dahi bhalla are melt-in-your-mouth ural dal dumplings served with churned curds, sweet and sour chutneys and spices.

Til ladoos – No Indian festival feels complete without serving ladoos, be it motichur or besan ladoos. However, in the North India, til (sesame seed) ladoos are widely popular during Holi. Our sesame seeds ladoos have a slight twist for we add peanuts too. The Soul Kitchen’s Sesame Peanut Ladoos are quite flavourful, and perfect sweet treat for Holi celebrations.

Puran poli – A Maharashtrian delicacy that is a huge roti, stuffed with beautifully spiced with cardamom and nutmeg and lightly sweetened channa dal and served with warm ghee.

Jalebi – This sweet Indian treat made by frying batter into crispy swirls, then dipped into saffron-cardamom enriched sugar syrup, eaten piping hot is loved by all. Serve it with cold rabri or ice cream –the hot and cold combination is oddly appealing and strangely gratifying.

Celebrate the festival of colors with friends and family and indulge in these special Holi foods. Have a great festival!