#TellTaleThursday – The Wrath of Gods

Today’s prompt is this powerful image –

Image : Unsplash.com

His eyes opened to the majestic blue sky. A clear sky would be delightful to many, but not to him. It meant his woes would not come to an end today.

Shaking his melancholy aside, he got up from the charpoy and went to the nearby jungle to complete his morning ablutions. If it didn’t rain by the end of this week, he would have nothing to give back to his creditors who hounded him mercilessly.

He went to the hut. His wife, who all of 25-years but looked like 50 with years of poverty and hard work, looked at him with hope. He shook his head. His two kids were still sleeping, their faces gaunt and their skin thin due to hunger.

She handed him some food. He had neither gone to the market, nor had given her money to buy food. He knew what she had served her. Any rodent or tabby she could get her hands on in the field became their meals these days.

Before going to sleep that night, he put his hands together. Calloused hands with dirt beneath the fingers joined together in a prayer. He prayed to the Rain God to send some over to his field. And slept.

In the night, he woke up to unusual sounds. What was it? He felt hot, burning hot. Within seconds he was up. A fierce inhuman cry came out of his mouth as he ran towards his field. Or what was left of it.

The Gods don’t answer all prayers.


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#TellTaleThursday – Innocent Wish

Prompt – You make a wish at midnight and it comes true..

Innocent Wish

Jenny came home from school. She threw her bag on the floor, flung her shoes in the air and sat on the kitchen stool with a surly face.

Her mother asked, “What’s wrong Jenny? Why are you sulking?”

“All my friends got new gifts for Christmas, except me,” she complained. “Sonia got a new pair of rollerblades, Ron got a football, Amy got a cool pair of gloves and Tina got a new prosthetic leg.”

“But you did get a Christmas gift, remember?”

“A black cardigan from the Salvation Army does not count as a gift,” Jenny retorted. Her mother didn’t like the tone of the little girl, but she was not wrong either. She wasn’t able to gift Jenny anything new for the last couple of years.

“OK, do one thing. Tonight at midnight, make a wish and I promise it will get fulfilled,” her mother promised. She could spare some savings for a new doll.

Jenny was ecstatic and couldn’t wait for the midnight. At the stroke of midnight, she made a wish. A simple wish.

The next morning, her mother came to Jenny’s room to wake her up for school. She saw her daughter was surrounded by strange things around her. She could see Rollerblades, a football, a golden ring, a parrot and what was that! Was it an artificial leg? She gasped.

What did her daughter wish for?

Can you guess what was Little Jenny’s wish??


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#TellTaleThursday – 25th October 2018

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Halloween is round the corner. How could we claim to be fiction writers and not spin a spooky yarn on the most awaited scariest/spookiest festival of the year.

So here’s the prompt for this week!

halloween - 25th Oct 18.jpeg

Word count – 244 Words

Trick or Treat?

She was not too enthusiastic about this Halloween party. If truth be told, she was scared of anything that reminded her of ghosts, witches, sorcery or anything paranormal. But, she couldn’t afford to miss this one. It was a new job and the invitation had come from the boss himself.

Around midnight, she reached the address mentioned in the invite. The driveway was decorated with huge jack-o-lanterns; each carved pumpkin more sinister looking than the other one. Berating herself for the wild imagination, she entered the house.

There were many people, but she couldn’t spot anyone from her workplace. She headed to the bar. A few drinks inside her system and she felt confident enough to sway on the music.

When she woke up, her head was pounding. She didn’t feel like opening her eyes. But she had a feeling she must. She opened her eyes and what she saw made her close them again. She had seen an empty house with no door, broken windows and giant cobwebs hanging from the ceiling.

Where was she? Where did others go? There was no trace of the party. Confused and scared she went outside. This was the same house she had entered the previous evening, but it looked so different in the daylight. It was an abandoned house. Had she dreamed it all?

Just when she decided to get her head examined she saw a jack-o-lantern hiding behind the bush. No, she hadn’t imagined it.

A – Z Challenge – Theme Reveal Post

Writing has been a passion for me, though I am sometimes too lazy to put pen to paper. Of late, this laziness has reached its pinnacle. And, that’s when I came across A – Z challenge on BlogChatter via my blogger friend Aesha’s musings.

It couldn’t come at a more opportune time. I will tell you the reason why. I am standing at the threshold of a new decade – 40s. As much as it is exciting, it is full of apprehensions too. I am moving further away from my insolent teenage years and my gay youth and entering into unchartered territory. What will the 40s bring in for me? Midlife crisis, loss of my youthful looks, or fame and recognition (well, I have always wanted to be a writer! May be this is the decade when I finally do it!)

I often flit between what was and what would be!

A past that is done with not necessarily and I still hanker after it. I still wonder ‘what if’! It influences my thoughts and my present decisions.

A future that is looming large on the horizon with every passing day. A future that is still a mystery. What will happen to me as a woman, a wife, a mother and a daughter?

And, in this conflict of a past gone by and a future knocking at the door – I am stuck. How do I change my today to affect my future? Why do I constantly think of tomorrow that is ruining my today?

I have a lot to think, rethink and un-think. It’s a daunting task. Hopefully, this one-month A – Z blogging challenge will help me sort it out.

And thus I choose my theme for the April A To Z Challenge 2018

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

I am looking forward to taking up the challenge as I think it will help me find a lot of answers.

Join me on April 1, 2018 as a friend, adviser, mentor and critic.

Pssst… it’s fiction with some elements from my real life woven in!!