What is it about Social Media?

Remember how in young days, we would write diaries or maintain journals logging personal experiences and feelings of each day. We would even go to great lengths to make sure they don’t fall in anybody’s hands. Hence, stowing them away in locked drawers or in non-obvious places.

But in the last five years or so, the scenario has greatly changed. Diaries and journals have given away to Facebook, Twitter, blogs etc. But the only difference here is that instead of hiding away, we shout aloud our innermost thoughts and display minutest details of our life; be it social, private, sexual etc. for the world to hear, see and know. Not only we don’t hesitate and feel awkward in baring our life to complete strangers on the social media but we feel proud and justified in doing so.

So here’s my question: What is it about Social Media that lets our tongues loose and makes us shed our inhibitions? Are we slowly turning into internet exibitionists?

Content vs. Search Engine Optimization

The whole world seems to be on the Internet these days. The blogging industry is thriving with old timers, professionals, self-proclaimed gurus, cyber kids, new mothers (after quitting their jobs) and reluctant housewives. Everybody has something or the other to offer to the world; everybody is vying to be seen and heard in the social space.

But Social Media is a tough nut to crack; as many realize the hard way. As new blogs are coming up every day, sadly there are old bloggers who decide to call it a day. Some work while some don’t. It’s all part of the game.

Some say that content is the king and the lack of good quality content on the blogs spell doom for them. While others refute the claim saying that SEO or the Search Engine Optimization is the actual game changer. But take a moment and think logically; can one survive without the other?

However good a content, if not marketed and positioned correctly will not reach its correct audience. On the other hand, consider a blog that follows all the rules of the SEO optimization to the T and succeeds in diverting traffic to its blog, but still faces high bounce rates. Why? Because the poor and irrelevant content of the blog drives the readers away.

Search Engine Optimization helps in bringing footfalls to your blog, after which it’s the content that connects them and motivates them to visit again and again. For remember, which endeavour can thrive without repeat visitors?


I am an amateur blogger still trying to learn the ropes of Social Media and Search Engine Optimization. If you feel you don’t agree with my thoughts, please feel free to contact me. I am always open to a healthy discussion.