Ek Tha Tiger

ek tha tigerOn a lazy rain-drenched Sunday morning, the only thing that dragged me out of the bed was the thought of two hours of non-stop entertainment where I could watch (read stare, ogle, salivate and soak; not necessarily in that order LOL) my first crush, the handsome Salman Khan. Truly, Salman Khan Film (that too after almost a year) is a veritable treat for me.

But halfway through the movie and I was wondering, “What was Salman Khan thinking when he agreed to do the film?”

The story is about a RAW agent who is fondly called Tiger (Salman Khan) because of his fearless nature and ‘care-a-damn’ attitude. Tiger jumps from one mission to another globetrotting in his quest to crack down enemies and traitors. On one such assignment, he meets Zoya (Katrina Kaif) and is bowled over by the sweet and simple beauty. His love is reciprocated too. But all is not hunky dory in the spy world. When our beloved spy turns rogue, suddenly the whole world turns against him baying for his blood. After a series of mindless goose chase where you are exposed to some class stupidity by RAW agents, you are left to wonder, “If this is the level of professionalism and intellect of our much-esteemed spies, GOD alone save our country!”

The story by Aditya Chopra seems like a moment-of spur concocted fairy tale. The screenplay and dialogues leave a lot to desire too. But the stunts were breathtaking. The songs “Mashallah’’ and ‘Laapata’ are nice tracks and are already topping the charts.

Salman Khan, guys, is looking younger by each passing year. It’s sinful for somebody on the wrong side of forties to look as hot and ravishing as him. Has he got the elixir of life? On the acting front too, the man was flawless.

Verdict: Not quite the festival present I was looking forward to. But in all, a paisa vasool.