With lots of excitement and really high expectations I went to watch this film on a Sunday afternoon. And boy, did it deliver? Well, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I say it’s one of the best films I have watched in a really really long time.

This is how the story goes…In the picturesque hill-town of Darjeeling lives Murphy named after the popular Murphy radio of the 70s. He has hearing and speech impairment. But does this disability affect our protagonist? Nah, our Murphy aka Barfi, called so after the way he pronounces his name, is a happy-go-lucky chap who goes about his business without a complaint on his lips. He meets a beautiful girl, Shruti (Ileana D’Cruz), and loses his heart to her. Although his feelings are reciprocated, Shruti prefers marrying a rich and normal man. You would expect tears and names-calling here. But no, nothing of the sort happens. Our Barfi with his heart of gold and a smile on his face accepts the situation and wishes Shruti good luck for her new journey. Later, due to unavoidable circumstances, Barfi is put into the company of Jhilmil (Priyanka Chopra), a rich autistic girl. Within no time, the duo starts enjoying each other’s company and in their own special way they fall in love. Their disabilities never once come in the way. And then, Shruti re-enters Barfi’s life after realizing her mistake. But is it already too late or does she still hold a chance with Barfi? Well friends, you will have to watch the movie to know more.

A lot of thought and effort has been put into the characterization of Barfi. A simple, good-hearted and fun loving person who has everything going wrong for him but neither he cries bitter tears nor he ever asks ‘Why only me?’. Barfi shows how loving somebody can be so simple and uncomplicated. Also, the subject of autism has been dealt with thoughtfully and delicately. Nowhere in the course of the movie would you feel weighed down by the incapabilities. In fact, what you learn is something beyond that – how to enjoy life with what you have or rather don’t have.

Darjeeling is breathtakingly beautiful. The characters are well defined. The songs of the film are beautiful and melodious, especially the title track Barfi, Main Kya Karoon and Ashiyaan.

Ranbir Kapoor as Barfi simply takes your breath away and leaves you speechless. It makes you wonder, “Is he only 10 films older?” He has given some very good performances in the past, but the one in this movie is a cut above all. The maturity with which he has played the character is unbelievable and I am sure many stalwarts of the film industry would be thinking the same. Ileana first portrayed as a confused-in-love girl and then a pretty dutiful Bong wife does full justice to her character. Priyanka Chopra has again proved her acting prowess and versatility. She can play roles of sexy bombshell and autistic girl with effortless dexterity. It wouldn’t have been easy playing Jhilmil sans make-up, with awkward dentures and hideous curls but she has played it so naturally. I had read somewhere that Priyanka Chopra has admitted to doing certain roles only for Awards. Well, where’s the problem as long as the lady’s delivering!

My only gripe: The sub-plots could have been avoided to save time and confusion.

My Verdict: Don’t miss it for anything in this world!

The Suggestion: Ladies, do carry a few tissues for the waterworks!