My Friend Pinto

Star Cast: Prateik, Kalki Koechlin

Pinto is a simple and innocent guy who comes to Mumbai to stay with his childhood friend for a few days. In a series of comedy of errors, he is locked out of his friend’s home (the friend leaves him alone to attend a new year’s eve party), jumps into a neighbour’s house, meets a local don, helps a girl (Kalki Koechlin) from committing suicide, saves a street dog from going to the pound, and the list is long. But the story that comes to the boil is that this simple unassuming guy doesn’t have a single evil bone in his body. He assumes everybody to be good and thus helps them never asking for any favour in return. But he has an amazing gift of which he is also unaware. He is like a lucky charm who when meets people changes their life for good.

I must say, Prateik has got the right genes from his mother. He is brilliant in the movie. It’s sad though that this short and sweet movie went unnoticed at the box office.