Salman Khan – The right way of Justice!

Salman Khan, the original bad boy of Bollywood who is equally known for his various brushes with the law as he is for his films. In his young days, he was known to be impulsive, brash and straight-spoken which didn’t go down well with a crowd that hails only sycophants. Though he has mellowed down with age and has gained some wisdom, he still does what he likes and speaks his mind; F#%% the world!

salman khan

But the poor man in his lean period has committed a few mistakes which refuse to let him live in peace today. The Black Buck shooting case in 1999 and the American Express Bakery – 2002 hit and run case have come up time and again to haunt him. And if the latest news on Salman Khan is to be believed then he might have bitten more than he could chew.

In a drunken spree, the actor rammed onto a pavement killing one and injuring several. In India, every day we hear or read about accidents caused by negligence and drunken driving which lead to many innocent deaths. Don’t the drivers either flee the scene and are never found and brought to book?

So are we penalizing him because he is a superstar? Could he have gotten away with a shorter sentence had he been an ordinary person?

There can be no punishment high enough for killing an innocent person. So 10-11 years in jail is a breeze in comparison. But for an actor who is doing great currently, it can mean an end to his successful career.

Do we want that?

Don’t misunderstand me here. I am not trying to say he should not be punished. He should be punished for a wrong done. Nobody is above the law though we have seen many instances to suggest otherwise.

But sending him to the jail where he spends the next decade or so, is it the right way of justice? What purpose will it serve?

On the other hand, why can’t we rope him in for community service?

Just imagine, if this popular actor goes to the rural India and talks about the effects of deforestation, female foeticide and women empowerment, how much he can influence their minds?

Just think with the right head. Salman Khan is not a compulsive criminal. And he has mended his ways. This is a better way of making an honest citizen out of him than him languishing in some dreary prison and eating into the taxpayers’ money.

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