Zest for life

This story is part of a novella – A girl was born

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The society didn’t take her divorce kindly; she was made out to be a villain. Many of their common friends sided with Nikhil and avoided her. Tia refused to talk to her initially as she blamed her for wrecking their beautiful family. Even her parents, her father in particular was shocked when he came to know that she was separating from Nikhil.

“Have you turned mad? Have your crazy hormones taken over your mind as well? Who leaves a husband like Nikhil? Does he beat you, does he starve you or does he not take care of you?”

“You mean he is a cash cow, yes, he is. He is also a very good husband. But, I couldn’t be a good wife to him. I don’t love him.”

“Love!! Huh!! What has love ever given you anything? What has love ever given anyone anything? Forget about love and start living in reality. Unless you change your decision to separate from Nikhil, don’t try to contact or meet us.”

In spite of all lack of support, Tara had not only survived but thrived.

She had put all her energy and efforts in building up a new life, and she was successful at it. She was the Director of one of the best and most sought-after schools in town. She also ran a non-profitable school for kids of the streets and slums. And, she still had a long way to go. Today, she was going to be felicitated by the Hon. Education Minister of State for her contribution to the education industry.

She was too old for climbing trees, but Tara felt she had wings and she was meant for soaring high. She realised that she was a more capable person when she was not chasing around a man or when she was not forcefully bound to one. Love was a beautiful sentiment, but it was definitely not for her. It’s not that she didn’t miss that ‘special someone’ in her life, the warm person lying next to her on the bed that she could call her own or the person she could grow old with. But she didn’t have time for regrets. She had very little time and quite a lot to accomplish.

The doorbell rang breaking into her daydream. Tara climbed down the stairs to open the door. It was Nikhil. He had insisted on accompanying them to Tara’s felicitation ceremony. Tara didn’t refuse. Nikhil was a good man. He was the only man who had stood by her, in spite of everything. The new marriage suited Nikhil. He looked happier and healthier. Tara noted.

“You are beautiful, Tara,” there was a look of genuine appreciation in his eyes. Nikhil had changed. That was the first compliment he had ever given to her.

“I know!” Tara agreed.


Thank you for reading Tara’s story and appreciating it. Tara let her Yesterday ruin her Today, fortunately she held herself before she could ruin her Tomorrow too.

I wanted to project three realities of life through this story –

  • The dusky complexion of Tara is a continuous backdrop. I have suffered it first hand, and thus wanted to show how it can affect young minds. Sadly, even after almost 40 years, things haven’t changed much. We still have fairness creams available in the market and we still believe fair is more beautiful.
  • Midlife is that phase of life when most women are hit with an identity crisis. Kids are leaving home for studies or are getting married. Women don’t know what to make out of their life. The menopause and the loss of hormones don’t help either. That is the reason I have put action in Tara’s 40s. She hits midlife, but she doesn’t let age stop her. She starts anew at an age when most of us are too wary of fresh beginnings. She finds ambition in life for the first time and is raring to go.
  • Thirdly, the biggest reality of life. We ignore what we have in life, because we are too busy crying for something we don’t have.

Yesterday Today Tomorrow

This story is part of a novella – A girl was born

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Seven years later. Tia was getting ready for the party. She was late. Nikhil would be coming any moment now to pick them up. Tara was already dressed and ready.

She went up the stairs to check up on Tia. Tia was in Tara’s bedroom, standing in front of the mirror, applying makeup with a deft hand. She confidently dabbed rouge on her high cheeks, put kohl in her eyes and coloured her lips a soft mauve. Giving a final brush to her long, silky hair, she turned to face Tara.

“You are so beautiful, Tia.” This was true. Tia’s skin was dusky just like Tara’s and hence, Tara has always feared that Tia would be meted out the same punishment as she had at the hands of the society. She remembered how people would side up with her more beautiful friends in the college and completely ignored Tara as if she didn’t exist. As if she wasn’t standing there at all.

She remembered how her relatives would say to her parents, “Any man would do for Tara. She should be lucky if she got married at all.” She tried to ignore those hurtful words, but she couldn’t. They had become a part of her existence and pinched and pricked her constantly.

But, Tia was different. She didn’t care for what the society thought of her. She never had any qualms about her complexion. She rejoiced in her beauty. She carried herself with grace and confidence, something Tara never had.

“Mama, you are beautiful too. Let me show you.” And before Tara could protest, she dragged Tara to the settee in front of the mirror and made her sit on it.

“Your father should be here, Tia. You don’t want to keep him waiting.”

“He can wait. After all, he would be getting to escort two lovely ladies today.” Tia laughed.

Tara’s idea of makeup was limited to kohl and lipstick, but Tia put rouge on her cheeks, mascara on her eyelashes and winged eye liner on her eye lids. She then removed the band with which Tara had secured her hair and brushed them till they shone.

“Open your eyes, mama!” Tia asked and Tara complied. Tara looked in the mirror and found a different woman.

“See mama, you are so beautiful.”

“All kids find their mothers beautiful. Plus, makeup is bound to make you beautiful.” Tara joked.

“Maybe. But you are beautiful through and through. Why don’t you accept it, ma?”

“What you did, not many women can do. You could have stayed with daddy in a loveless marriage, but you didn’t. Thanks to you, daddy found Sheel (Tia called her stepmother with her first name at her behest), a dear woman who actually loves him. And, I have never seen you jealous or regretting that decision. You are today’s woman – bold and unconventional.”

Tara was proud of her daughter. She was unlike many young girls of her age. She had more wisdom and better perception than Tara had at her age. Nikhil and Tara had raised their daughter well.

It was time she told him about Himanshu. After all, Tia was at the age when Tara had already met Himanshu. She would understand why Tara did what she did.

“Mama, what are you thinking?” Tia asked. Tara shook her head and smiled at her daughter.

Tia was right. She had broken many rules and paid a huge price for it.

Read the final and concluding chapter of Tara’s life tomorrow. 

(e)Xcess Baggage

This story is part of a novella – A girl was born

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Over the weekend with Tia away, Tara got much time to think things through. She revisited her past and realized what a mess she had managed to make of her life. This was not what she had wanted. She had wanted love, but not at the cost of her life. This love had taken away her sense, her values and all ambition from her. This love had made her selfish. It had ruined her life. All she had to show of her life’s achievement was her daughter! She couldn’t even be a good wife. The realisation pinched her. Hiding her face in her palms, Tara cried for a long time. It was probably the last time she would ever cry.

By the time Nikhil came home the following Tuesday, Tara had made up her mind to tell him the truth. Her husband deserved that. Over dinner, Tara was quiet while Tia talked. Once dinner was over and plates cleared away, Tia retired to her room. It was a school night and she still had to finish some lessons before going to sleep. When Nikhil entered the bedroom, Tara had already changed into her nightclothes and was standing by the window. She was too restless to sit.

“I want to talk to you.” She said to her husband. He nodded.

“I met Himanshu. Do you know who he is?” She asked.

He nodded. “I learnt about him from your sister ages ago. You met him. And?”

“Nothing happened.” She announced.

Nikhil let go of the breath he was not even aware he was holding. It was audible.

“But, it could have, Nikhil.”

If Tara hadn’t seen Nikhil’s eyes dilating, she would have said that this piece of news hadn’t affected him in the slightest. His face betrayed no other emotion. No insults or angry recriminations came from his side.

“Aren’t you bothered?” She couldn’t contain herself and finally asked.

“Yes, I am.”

“Then why aren’t you angry at me? Why aren’t you shouting at me? I am your wife and I almost committed adultery. How can you just sit there and talk so calmly as if nothing has happened?” Tara wanted to know. Had she been in his place, she would have created a huge hue and cry over it.

“I am angry. I am also feeling helpless, but shouting has never been my style, you of all people should know that. Also, I am not surprised at this turn of events.” He announced quietly. Tara looked at him. What did he say? She looked at him confused.

“I knew you married me out of obligation to your parents. But, I really thought you would come around someday. You tried your best, but you were not happy in this relationship. Hence, I dreaded that someday you would find someone else and quit this marriage. The only thing I hadn’t counted on was that “someone” would be Himanshu.”

“So basically, not only I am not surprised, but also in a way, I am relieved.” Of all the things, this was not what she had expected to hear.

“Relieved. Why?”

“Because we have finally reached that milestone.”

This was a surreal conversation. They were talking so peacefully that they might have been discussing Tia’s school grades.

“So, what now?” asked Nikhil. Though his face was impassive, his eyes betrayed his eagerness.

“I think that I have got that closure. Himanshu was the ghost from my past that I was finally capable of chasing away. I was crazy to think that I could find happiness in my past.”

“Past haunts us, but it seldom becomes our future, Tara!”

He was a wise man, Tara always knew that. But, for the first time Tara realised that Mr. Darcy came in different shapes and sizes, thoughts and temperaments. It was a pity he could never be her Mr. Darcy.

“You are right. Pity, I didn’t have that wisdom before.”

“I hope you can now see me differently and not the man your parents asked you to marry.” Nikhil continued. Tara shook her head.

“Nikhil, it has taken me a long time to realise that I am not in love with Himanshu. It has taken me an equal amount of time to understand that if I haven’t been able to love you in the last sixteen years, nothing will make me do now.”

“What are you saying, Tara?”

“That it’s time we dissolved this sham of a marriage. I have suffered enough chasing love and so have you. Let’s stop this chasing around and think about being happy. We deserve it, you of all people do. I have been selfish all these years and you have borne with me, I want to be selfish one more time and set you free.”

Tara’s face was set in a determined resolve. For the first time in their marriage, Nikhil really saw Tara as the sure and confident one.

Himanshu is now Tara’s past, seems like Nikhil is too! What does Tara have in mind! Find out tomorrow! 

Water under the bridge

This story is part of a novella – A girl was born

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water under the bridge
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“I loved you, Himanshu, like there was no tomorrow. I could have followed you to the end of the world, if only you had asked me to. But, not anymore. That ship has already sailed.” As she was saying these words, she realized they were true. She no longer loved Himanshu.

“So, what was this. Were you getting even with me for what I supposedly did to you years ago?­”

“Seriously, the thought never even entered my mind. After you left, I thought it was the end of my life. I married Nikhil only because I had to. I didn’t love him as I should have, because I thought I loved you. But, meeting you has made me realise that I was wrong. I loved you before, that’s the truth, but I don’t know when I stopped loving you.”

You wouldn’t have been here if you had loved Nikhil.” His words hit her, because they were true.

“Tara, I am not talking of a one-night stand here. We have something special between us. I want you with me.” He tried gathering her in his arms again.

Tara pushed him. “It has always been about what you want. Eighteen years ago, you wanted to go to London, you did. You wanted to marry someone else, you did. But, now no more. This is my life, please let me take charge of it. I don’t want you in my life. I wanted that closure, it seems I have finally got it, even if belatedly.”

He was upset, she could see that.

“Himanshu, let’s not part like this. Believe me when I say I didn’t play with you or want to hurt your feelings. My teenage years were brainwashed with romantic heroes that didn’t exist. All my married life, I hankered after a man who was not available for me, while I ignored a husband who loved me and worshiped the ground I walked on. This evening has given me a new perspective. It has made me realise that I was in love with love. I didn’t love you, but the image of you that I had created in my mind.”

“What will you do now?” Himanshu asked.

“I don’t know.” She admitted truthfully and smiled. She gave a peck on his cheek. He was about to say something but thought better of it. She left.

Should she admit her romantic interlude with Himanshu to Nikhil? What do you say? Yay or Nay? Find out tomorrow.



This story is part of a novella – A girl was born

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Tara nodded. Himanshu signalled for the check and scribbled his sign on the paper. Getting up, he took Tara’s hand in his, and walked out of the restaurant towards the elevators.

The tension in the elevator was heavy and palpable. Thankfully, there was no one else with them at this time of the evening except the lift boy.

As soon as they found themselves alone in the hotel room, Himanshu took Tara in his arms. Tara looked at Himanshu. She could see naked passion in his eyes. She had an idea that her eyes mirrored his emotions. Tara was attracted to him like she was to no other man. Himanshu was the only man who had ever made her feel like this, beautiful and wanton at the same time. Why did he make her feel so, happy, wild and alive?

Himanshu kissed her. Tara kissed him back. It was a long hungry kiss. She felt like the sleeping beauty who was meeting her prince charming after 100 years. Tara experienced raw passion. This was the passion that people wrote books on, fought wars for and killed and got killed for.

“Why did I ever let you go, Tara? I want you now forever!!”

Tara registered these words through a very fuzzy brain. She didn’t like the sound of these words. Forever. No. While she was scouring through her past, he was busy building their future. She was not looking for a future. At least not with Himanshu.

Then what are you doing here? She asked herself.

She suddenly realized what she was about to do? She stepped back.

“What happened?” Himanshu asked, confusion written large on his face.

“I can’t do it!” She said, shaken with what she had nearly done. How could she? Going out with your past boyfriend was one thing, sleeping with him and reneging on your marriage vows was quite another.

“You are a tease!” Himanshu cried. He was unable to believe that the passion she had seen in Tara’s eyes was a figment of his imagination. “I know you want me!” He said.

“Yes, that’s true, I want you. That doesn’t mean, I should.”

“Tara, we have a history; what we are doing is only natural.” He tried to explain.

“Yes, we have a history, and it had better stay that way.”

His confusion only deepened. And hers cleared. She realized what she should have a long time ago.

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This story is part of a novella – A girl was born

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The next morning being Saturday, Tara got up late. But there was already a message from Himanshu asking her if she could meet her in the restaurant of her hotel. He was staying in a plush hotel of South Mumbai, hardly a 15 minute-drive for Tara. Tara messaged back with a simple, “Yes!”

But her happiness had no bounds. She was feeling like a teenager going on her first date. She booked an appointment with her salon for a hair spa, blow and dry, manicure-pedicure and face spa. When she came back home after 5 hours, her skin glowed, her hair sparkled and the most remarkable of all, she had a twinkle in her eye which had nothing to do with her afternoon sortie to the salon.

Even Tia noticed it and commented. “Mama, you are looking very different today. Like a young girl. What is it?”

Tara realized that she was being ostentatiously expressive with her feelings and so tried to calm herself down.

“Nothing, honey. Went to the salon today, so looking more civilized and presentable after a long time. I have a date with my friends, so generally happy with the way this weekend has panned out.”

“Ya, if only papa were there. It would have been better.”

That wiped the smile off Tara’s face. Nikhil. She hadn’t thought of him the whole day. She was his wife. What was she doing meeting Himanshu? Should she tell him about her date?

She shook her head. She was only meeting Himanshu as a friend. She was not answerable to Nikhil for every small thing, at least not for meeting just friends.

A small voice in her mind quipped – It’s not a small thing, nor is Himanshu ‘just’ your friend.

But she brushed the nagging voice aside.

Once Tia left for her friend’s house, Tara started to get ready. She picked a bold red dress that she knew looked good on her. She received compliments whenever she wore it. She put kohl in her eyes and coloured her lips in scarlet red. Her jewellery was minimal, only diamond studs, her engagement ring and a watch. A black bag and sensible flat shoes (she had abandoned heels when her knee pain surfaced a couple of years ago), and she was ready to go. She checked herself in the mirror, she looked good. Not a 23-year old, but a woman who was going out to have some fun. With another man. Again, the tiny voice nagged.

Shut up. She said aloud.

She was supposed to meet him at 8:30. But, she was ready well before the time. If she started now, she could reach before 8. But she would deliberately reach 15 minutes late. She didn’t want to look so eager, even if she was dying to meet him again. She switched on the TV, but after flicking numerous channels, she still couldn’t decide what to watch.

Time was hardly moving at all.

Himanshu was waiting for her in the hotel foyer. His eyes lit up as soon as he saw her.

He held her close and gave her a small peck on the cheek. She felt a frisson of excitement running down her entire body. What was wrong with her? She had not experienced anything like this for a very long time now?

They sat in the restaurant and ordered food. Over wine and small talk, they realised they couldn’t keep their eyes off one another. Their mouths were saying something while their eyes were suggesting something entirely different.

When their food plates were cleared away, Himanshu asked, “Would you care for a dessert?” Tara shook her head.

“I have some liqueur in my room, would you like some?”

Her tongue was suddenly dry. She picked up the glass of water and took a small sip. She knew what he was suggesting. If you entered a man’s bedroom, you should know what the outcome would be.

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Tangerine Dreams

This story is part of a novella – A girl was born

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tangerine dream.jpeg

How she behaved normally before her students and colleagues the whole day, Tara had no idea. But, no one found anything amiss which was a good sign.

As she took a warm bath on reaching home, Tara tried to come to terms with what had happened in the morning. She couldn’t believe at the turn of events. Not only did she meet Himanshu, but she also promised to see him again.

Should she tell Nikhil about it? She immediately refuted the idea. Nikhil was a dear man, but no sane husband would like his wife to meet her ex-boyfriend. She wanted to meet Himanshu again. She didn’t know why. Maybe for old times’ sake. Maybe because she was still attracted to him. Maybe he was the only exciting thing in her otherwise steady and dull life.

When Tia came back home in the afternoon, Tara was completely her normal self again. Her heart beat had come back to normal and she had regained her composure.

Tia wanted to have a sleepover at her best friend’s house the next night. It was a Friday night. On a normal day, Tara would have asked her a thousand and one questions and still taken up a long time to decide. But today, she didn’t take a moment to say yes. Tia could go to her friend’s house. Her daughter was taken aback. She stared at her mother.

“Mama, are you unwell?”

“No, why?”

“No, just like that. You usually never allow me to stay at a friend’s house.” She answered honestly. Tara felt a little guilty over this admission.

“Yes, but I have now realized you are a big and responsible girl.” Tia hugged her and gave her a peck on the cheek. Her daughter was already taller than her and so beautiful.

That night after Tia went into her room to sleep, Tara took out the visiting card. She ran her finger on the name embossed in silver on the charcoal grey card.

Himanshu Mittal



She dialled the number on her cellphone. It rang a couple of times before Himanshu’s deep voice answered it.

Without preamble, he said, “I knew you would call.”

“How did you know it was me?”

“I could sense you.” He said. “I hope you are calling me to say we can meet again.”



“Tomorrow evening.”

“I will let you know the place. Good night.” Himanshu disconnected the phone.

She couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come.

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Sweet and Sour

This story is part of a novella – A girl was born

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sweet and sour.jpeg

She looked up into his eyes. They were shining with the same truth as they had many years ago. That did it. No one had told her she was beautiful in all these years, not even Nikhil. He was the only person who had found her beautiful and hadn’t shied away in telling her so.

Himanshu was the co-founder of a fintech company in Gurgaon and was visiting Mumbai for a series of meetings. He had married his British colleague who was working with him on the same assignment in London. They had been happy initially, but soon the cultural difference had taken a toll on their marriage. He had wanted to move to India, while she was hesitant of leaving everything behind for him. At the end of it, they both decided they loved their countries and respective cultures more than their marriage. And, so they quit. Himanshu moved back to India and started working in Gurgaon.

He still hadn’t told her why he left her in the first place? But, she didn’t want to. Somehow, it didn’t matter now.

Very soon, though it was more than an hour actually, his phone rang. He picked it up. He had a meeting to attend. He signalled to the waiter to bring the check. With money paid and a handsome tip rewarded, they both stepped out. Thankfully, the rain had stopped.

He hugged her. “This was very short, Tara and insufficient too. I would like to meet you some more. Do you think you can take out some time and meet me again?” His words were sincere.

She nodded, “When?”

“Tonight, tomorrow…I am in Mumbai for a week. Here, take my card and call me. No pressure though. Take your time.” He said.

After a moment, he quipped, “Don’t take a lot of time though!” It reminded her of the earlier time when he had said the exact same words and she couldn’t help but laugh.

Red for danger

This story is part of a novella – A girl was born

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red for danger

He stood up before she could reach him. She gingerly extended her hand forward. He took it in his and then gave her a big tight hug. It felt good to be in his arms again. She admitted to herself, not very comfortably. It was as if she was in a time warp. It was as if the eighteen years hadn’t taken place. And they were the same Tara and Himanshu who had met in the café in Ahmedabad years ago. He released her as abruptly as he had hugged her and gave her a long hard look. A smile of genuine happiness lit up his face. Signalling her to sit in the opposite chair, he sat too.

“After such a long time. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw you entering the café. I had to blink my eyes twice to make sure it was really you, Tara!”

“How are you? Are you alone?” He asked.

She nodded. She found she could not speak. Her throat was dry and her lips parched. Wetting her lips with her tongue, she said, “Yes!”, which came out like a hoarse whisper.

He signalled to a waiter who promptly came to their table.

“What will you have?”

“Masala chai with lots of ginger.”

“And, a refill of expresso for me.” He said.

“Anything to eat?” He asked.

She refused. As hungry as she was a while ago, her appetite had suddenly deserted her.

She could not take her eyes off him. He had changed. The first thing she noticed were his glasses. Also, his hair had receded and grey hairs had covered his temples. He looked like a man in his mid-forties, and a very distinguished one at that. His good looks made her realize her bedraggled appearance. She was suddenly conscious of her wet clothes and her dishevelled hair, because she had no time to run a comb through them in the morning and were now hanging down her shoulders in a wet bunch.

“Who would have thought we would meet like this unexpectedly in Mumbai of all places!” He exclaimed. He said with a childlike joy on his face.

“What do you do, Tara?”

“I teach high school students.”

“And I am sure they all love you, like your earlier kindergarten kids.” He was good at handing out compliments, he hadn’t changed much in that aspect.

“I take it you are married.” She nodded.

“So what does your husband do?”

“He runs a media company.”

“He must be an interesting man” He said. Tara didn’t reply. She could not confess that she had never thought of Nikhil in those terms.  


“One, daughter. What about you?”

“None, and how I regret it!” He sighed.

“It’s not as if you are over the hill. You still have time.”

“I got divorced when it was actually the right time for having babies.”

Surprisingly, that piece of information didn’t give her the pleasure she had envisaged when she had prepared the list of his supposed misfortunes.  

And, then suddenly out of nowhere which pulled her out from her reverie, he announced, “You are still as beautiful!”

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Que sera sera

This story is part of a novella – A girl was born

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17th chapter
Image: pexels

On that fateful day, she slept through her alarm. Nikhil had left early morning on another business trip. She couldn’t sleep for a very long time after he left, and then when the sleep finally came to her, she missed the alarm. She opened her eyes only to realise that her daughter’s school bus was long gone. Cursing herself, she ran to her daughter’s bedroom to wake her up. She sent her to the bathroom, while she herself got ready in the meantime. To make matters worse, it started raining. It was not just a drizzle, but a heavy downpour of July. She drove like a maniac, luckily there was not much traffic at this time of the morning, and no traffic cop as well. They reached the school just as the guard was about to close the gate.

Shaken and drained by her early morning rush, she felt the need for a strong ginger tea. But the thought of sipping tea all alone in the big house didn’t appeal much to her. There was a good café nearby. She thought of visiting it and treating herself to tea and some nice leisurely breakfast, prepared by someone else for a change. Also, she had a couple of hours before her school started. She couldn’t get a parking close to the café, and as she had forgotten to carry her umbrella in the rush, she entered the café with her hair wet and clothes soaked.

She felt a blast of cold air from the air-conditioning freezing her wet skin. She shivered and felt the fine hair on her arms stand up. She desperately needed that tea before she caught her death of cold. Spotting a quiet place at the end of the café, that was away from the direct draught of air too, she started walking towards it. She was about to sit down, when she heard her name spoken aloud. She froze. She recognized the voice instantly. All these years, she had almost convinced herself that she had forgotten the deep intonation of that voice. She turned around slowly and hesitatingly, hardly believing it was happening and still trying to convince herself that it was really happening. She saw a hand waving at her. She saw him then. Sitting in the corner, alone. She smiled in recognition. He beckoned her to come and join him. Without thinking twice, she started moving towards him, like a magnet.

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