Write Tribe Reading Challenge 2019

2018 was a good year in terms of reading. I read a lot, more than I had thought, all thanks to the library that opened near my place with a beautiful collection of books and also because of the wonderful bloggers I met this year who recommended some lovely books of diverse genres.

I want to continue my reading spree and what better way than to enrol myself in a reading challenge. Corinne Rodrigues of Write Tribe came up with this lovely reading challenge and needless to say I hopped on to it.

What is the challenge?

The reading challenge is divided in three parts.

1. Commit to read a minimum of 24 books in 2019. (2 books a month – that’s simply doable!)

2. Read a minimum of 12 books based on the prompts given. (Find the prompts on the below link)

3. Review one book a month. (I know, I know – but if you really put your heart into it, it’s not that tough!)

You need not be a blogger to participate to click on this link and join the party.

And paste this badge in the sidebar of your site to help you motivate and let people know you have taken up this challenge.

Write Tribe Reading Challenge 2019