Knock me down

This story is part of a novella – A girl was born

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When she informed her parents of the latest development, they were very worried. Her mother, the next day, took her to an astrologer that her friend had recommended. After a wait of almost an hour, he was a busy man if the long queue outside his house was any indication, he took them in. He studied her birth chart for quite some time and then shook his head.

“This is a very poor chart. She was born on Amavasya (no moon), also the day of surya grahan (solar eclipse). Donate black lentils on every no moon night to avoid the evil eye. The sun and venus are in the same house. Because her sun is very strong, it is making her relationship planet venus very weak. She needs to wear a diamond on the ring finger which is the stone for relationships to strengthen her relationship house.”

So, the next day, her father talked to her mother’s brother who was a jeweller and within a few days, she got a bright twinkling diamond on her finger. Meanwhile, her neighbour suggested her mother that Tara should observe fasts on Mondays. So, Tara started fasting on Mondays. Some other person told her to fast on Sundays by eating only rice. Tara, in the desperate attempt to set things right in her relationship, fasted on Sundays.

Three months went by, when they decided this was not working. So, they went to another astrologer, who asked her to wear an emerald on her middle finger. They got an emerald ring made. Tara decided that she liked the dull green stone better than her solitaire diamond.

Meanwhile, Himanshu was ever so busy in his work and colleagues. He had made some new friends at work and spent a lot of time with them outside work. Tara took care to avoid any mention of wedding or their future. However, every time she talked to Himanshu, she felt as if she was walking on egg shells, she didn’t know what would make Himanshu upset. This was a side of Himanshu absolutely unknown to Tara and she realized she didn’t like it quite that much.

By the end of another six months, Tara was sporting a pearl and a yellow sapphire on her little and index fingers beside the diamond and the emerald. Also, she was now fasting on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Very soon, her friends stopped calling her, her numerous fasts got in the way. Tara was one very unhappy person. And in turn, she made life miserable for everyone around her.

Do keep on reading to know what happens next in Tara’s life – will all this fasting and wearing different stones work for Tara?? Will Himanshu come back? Read in ‘Let Me Drown‘!