Sugar and Ghee are not what is making you put on weight

People often say, “But ghee is so fattening!” or “I am off sugar, because sugar leads to weight gain.”

Growing up, I have learnt that ghee is a good animal fat. It helps in digestion, increases bone strength and is great for skin care. Then why is it maligned?

My nani made all sweets with bura-khand (a type of sugar variety), she had not heard of stevia or artificial sweeteners in her life. Then what happened? Why is sugar a bad word now?

We eat breads without thinking about the sugar in it or hydrogenated fats in them? We eat bottled chocolate spreads, butters and jams, just look once at the label and you will know what you are actually eating.

These are the food items where sugar and bad fats crawl into our body without our knowledge. And we blame sweets and desserts for being the cause of our weight gain.  

Agree, ghee can be fattening and sugar can lead to weight gain. But the important thing to ask is “How much ghee or sugar?”

If you consume sugar or ghee without taking into consideration the quantity, then it is going to harm you. Anything in excess is harmful.

If you open the box of ladoos, peda or barfi and gobble 3-4 of them, then of course the ghee and sugar will be fattening.

The problem with the world is not more ghee, oil or sugar, but eating in excess.

Eat one ladoo, a small bowl of halwa or ¼ piece of your favourite pastry after your work out or in between your meals, and then tell me if it lead to weight gain. Exercise portion control. 

Moderation is the key.

Remember, sugar and ghee are not making you put on weight, but excess of eating them is.