How The Problem of Plenty is Ruining Our Health?

Our generation has grown up drinking milk with sugar, Bournvita or Horlicks.

No one told us back at time that milk was bad or sugar was harmful. 

We loved eating puris, mathris and biscuits, no one told us that maida or oil would harm us. 

Then what has changed in the last 20 years that everyone is badmouthing milk, sugar, maida and oil.

Let’s try to figure out.

  • When we had milk and sugar daily, that was it. We had no other sugar sneaking in in our daily diet in the form of protein bars, protein powders, salad dressings, sauces and breads.
  • There were no food delivery apps to crave our late night food related pangs. If anyone felt like eating meetha post dinner, a simple gud ki dali (bite of jaggery) would do the trick.
  • We had puris, cakes and sweets on occasions. Birthdays were celebrated at home with ghar ke chhole bhature, pav bhaji and Rasna.
  • Dining out was once in a blue moon. Try to remember how many times did you step out to eat with your family in a year till you were a teenager? And now we eat out at least once a week, not to mention the take-ins or ordering-ins.
  • Go back 30 years in time and try to recollect what your mother’s refrigerator held. Apart from fresh milk, fresh malai, ghar ka makhan, some veggies, most of the fridge was empty. And now, our refrigerators have barely any space, as it is loaded with sauces, dressings, gourmet breads and cheeses and veggies for a week.

The problem is not dairy, sugar, maida or oil my friends, it is the frequency and the amount of consumption today. It’s the problem of plenty.

If we pledge to eat homemade and less, believe me, no sugar is going to bother us and no maida will upset our stomachs.