Movie Review: Fukrey

This monsoon, it’s not only raining sweet nectar from the sky but also films galore. Rishi and I have promised to treat ourselves to a nice film every weekend. So this weekend, it was ‘Fukrey’ for want of a better movie.


With no big names and no known faces, wouldn’t you straight away write off this movie? On top of it, who would watch a movie with a name that you don’t even understand? Right? Wrong!

Yes, Fukrey is a laugh riot from the word go. Four lower middle-class boys, in order to make big and quick money, for needs of their own, are brought together under hilarious circumstances by a ‘jugaadu’ college guard. They come up with an ingenious plan. They even rope in a local ‘gundi’ Bholi Punjaban (don’t go by the name; she is anything but bholi) to invest in their hairbrained scheme. Bholi is a pimp and drug dealer with big connections with politicians and police alike. Well, needless to say their plan fails and Bholi comes down heavily on them to get her money back.

The fearless four hatch another plan to make big bucks? Will their plan work this time? Or will they become puppets in the hands of Bholi? You need to watch Fukrey to find out.

The young actors, Pulkit Samrat (Hunny), Varun Sharma (Choocha), Manjot Singh (Lali) and Ali Fazal (Zafar) may not be big faces or names in the film industry but what they have delivered surpasses a lot of them. Pulkit Samrat as the smooth talker is good while Manjot Singh of ‘Oye Lucky Lucky Oye’ fame keeps you in splits with his straight-faced humour. But the surprise package is Varun Sharma whose exuberant innocence will surely get you. Richa Chaddha as Bholi Punjaban has done full justice to her role. We should see more of this fine actress. Pankaj Tripathi as the college guard ‘Pandit’ has played a small but significant role.

As Rishi rightly said, “Fukrey proves that in order to make a good movie, all you need is a good script and nice dialogues rather than super stars like Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan”. Well, news for you friends. You got it all in this movie. The script is good and tight while the dialogues are as crisp as they come. Ram Sampath has given a decent music. The soft and romantic number “Ambersariya” is already topping the music charts. And all those ‘dilliwalas’ staying in different parts of the world and miss the colloquial ‘dilli’ slang, Fukrey will definitely touch your nostalgic chord.

Verdict: Watch this movie to make your day. But be prepared for a cramp or two in your stomach due to uncontrollable laughter.

To save you from googling the word, Fukrey means a useless and good-for-nothing person.