Book Review – The Last Seychelles Flame

medha nagur

Author – The Last Seychelles Flame is written by blogger, Instagrammer and Zumba enthusiast, Medha Nagur.

Plot – Adrija is a photographer by profession who has big dreams. However, she belongs to a low-income group and lives in a small town which has no prospects career wise. Furthermore, By the virtue of being a girl, she is also seen as a burden by her parents. Her father refused to finance her dreams and doesn’t endorse her profession of a photographer either. Her mother taunts her for not getting married even when she has crossed 30 and her friends are not only married, but also in the family way. But, Adrija pays no heed to them and quits home to pursue her dreams.

In her new job in the city of dreams, Mumbai she meets some interesting people. And, soon she travels to Seychelles for an exciting fashion assignment, where she meets Omkar Arora, an irritating but lovable man. The two of them share a great chemistry. The world might have been hunky dory had been her ex-boyfriend not re-entered to haunt her.

Will Adrija be able to get free of her terrible past. Will the flames kindle between Omkar and her? Will she be able to soar high professionally, something for which she fought with her parents and quit home? Will she find her true love and live happily ever after?

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Review –

What made me choose this book was its title ‘The Last Seychelles Flame’. Reading it I knew it had to be a romantic story, I am sucker for them. Also, the word Seychelles popped up the image of turquoise blue waters, sugar white sand beaches and swaying coconut palms in my head, and I couldn’t resist it.

Adrija is the protagonist of the story. She is a career-oriented girl and is highly motivated to realise her dreams. She has very high self-esteem and is hesitant to ask for help even in situations beyond her control.

Another mainstay character is Omkar who in spite of his beach boy looks turns out to be a dependable person and a loyal friend to Adrija.

Ronnie, the supposed love of Adrija’s life, is another important character in the book. He is a trouble maker and stays true to his character till the end.

The book touches on the fact that girls are often considered to be a burden for parents and they see their daughters as someone to be married off without spending much on their education. The story also underlines the importance for girls (or even men) to be wise in choosing their partners. A wrong step can cost them big time.

These lines from the book I particularly liked.

Challenges are like sweet butterscotch granules sprinkled all over in the cake of life, which are difficult to pick out and discard but if you know how to enjoy them even when they are hard to bite, they sure will enhance your experience.

Medha’s story is gripping and keeps you hooked till the end. It’s a romantic read and doesn’t disappoint you in the slightest. If you enjoy love stories, this one is just right for you.

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