The Guardian – The Lonely and The Great God – A Heartfelt Korean Fantasy Drama

The (G)uardian – The Lonely and The Great God

Starring: Gong Yoo, Kim Go-Eun, Dong Wook-Lee, Yoo In-Na, Yook Sung-Jae

The Guardian – The Lonely and The Great God popularly known as The Goblin is not just a show, but it’s the fantasy of many. It’s difficult to sum up this great show in a few words, and I doubt I will be able to do it justice, but try I will.

Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) is a 940-old year Goblin who carries an invisible sword piercing his heart and is cursed to immortality until he can find a bride who can only pull out that sword and set his soul free. He is a kind-hearted person, and helps people with his supernatural abilities. Ji Eun-Tak (Kim Go-Eun), an orphan but an optimistic 19-year old has powers to see the souls from the other side of the world, and that is how she can see the sword in Goblin’s chest. She is also the bride of the Goblin.

Wang Yeo (Lee Dong-Wok) plays the role of Sejun Saja or the Grim Reaper. He is entrusted with the task of taking Eun-Tak’s soul. He is also the housemate of Goblin.

All the characters in this show are just superb, and contribute to the show in such a positive way. Whether it’s the cold and clumsy Grim Reaper or ever smiling Eun-Tak (the scene where a shy Eun-Tak says “Sarangeyeo” just melts your heart”, whether it’s the goofy and jealous Goblin or the beautiful Sunny, each one of them is so adorable, that you keep on thinking about them long after the show is over. The bromance between the Grim Reaper and the Goblin is hilarious and cuts the tension of the highly emotional story. I was laughing in one scene and then bawling like a little child in the next.

This is the show where I fell in love with Gong Yoo. This is the show where I appreciated a fantasy drama as much as I did Harry Potter. This is the show where you can’t find a single error or inconsistency.

Watch The Goblin because it’s one of the best K-dramas out there. It is said that the screenwriter of the show waited for 5 years for Gong Yoo to say yes to the role of Goblin, because according to her there could have been no other Goblin than him. And we concur.

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Because This is My First Life

Because This is My (F)irst Life

Starring: Jung So-Min, Lee Min-Ki

Nam Sae-Hee (Lee Min-Ki) owns a house, but has hardly any savings left. He is a penny pincher. On the other hand, Yoon Ji-Ho (Jung So-Min) is a homeless writer who barely makes enough to sustain herself. Two housemates get married, in order to save money, but soon realise life is not as easy and predictable as it seems. Demanding in-laws, their own growing attraction towards each other are some of the things they have to fight with.

Because This is My First Life is a brilliant drama with a superb storyline and excellent acting by both Jung So-Min and Lee Min-Ki. The drama addresses a few social causes – the incredible fondness Korean society has for the male son, how in-laws are a constant presence in the family, the sexual harassment women undergo at their workplace.

A few quotes that I liked from the drama –

Going through this life is a first time for all of us anyways.

Just because you lived yesterday, doesn’t mean you know all about today.

Though Lee Min-Ki is not a great looker, his acting prowess more than makes up for it. Jung So-Min is super cute, and acts well too. Even the side stories are equally interesting.

Watch Because This is My First Life for a hatke story.

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Starring: Song Hye-Kyo, Park Bo-Gum

Some dramas you watch because of the excellent story line, and some you watch because of the stellar star cast. For me, Encounter fell in the latter category.

Cha Soo-Hyun (Song Hye-Kyo) is the daughter of a politician who gets married to the son of a business conglomerate. It was a strategic alliance, and she never loved her husband. The husband knows this, and gets a divorce. Soo-Hyun is the CEO of a hotel, but has to report to her powerful ex-mother in law.

Kim Jin-Hyeok (Park Bo-Gum), an ordinary, free-spirited young man starts meets Cha Soo-Hyun in Cuba by accident. Without knowing their true identities, they are drawn towards each other. After returning from Cuba, Jin-Hyeok starts working in the hotel of Soo-Hyun.

Song Hye-Kyo is called the tragedy queen for a reason. She is brilliant while portraying roles of intense emotions, and Encounter is no different. She is excellent in her role of a woman who has always been controlled by her family and suffers in silence.

The major drawback of the drama is its languid pace. The plot seems to stretch after a certain point, and the pace becomes boring. However, if you like slow, meaningful stories, this one’s for you. Also the stunning locales in Cuba are not to be missed.

Watch this show for beautiful Song Hye-Kyo and super cute Park Bo-Gum.

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Starring: Jung Hae-In, Koo Kyo-Hwan, Kim Seong-Gyoon

I don’t normally watch military shows, but this one I watched solely for Jung Hae-In and I am glad I did.

DP is a limited (6-episodes) drama series on the politics and mental struggles of Korean military enlisters. Ahn Jun-Ho played by Jung Hae-In is a DP who hunts military deserters. It’s an intense show however, the comic timing of Koo Kyo-Hwan helps lighten the mood. The performances are exceptional, the show itself is raw, dark and honest and its message not very heartening. I hope South Korea Military undergoes some change after this show.

Before this show, I had seen Jung Hae-In only in romantic roles, however this show made me sit up and see him in a whole new different light. This guy can act tough too. As a hurting, bullied new recruit in the military, Jung Hae-In is brilliant, and that chiselled body of his, you can keep on ogling.

Watch D.P. for the mind blowing performances by the lead characters.

PS: It’s official – there will be a DP Season 2 very soon. Can’t wait!!

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Coffee Prince or The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince

(C)offee Prince or The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince

Coffee Prince Gong Yoo

Starring: Gong Yoo, Yoon Eun-Hye, Lee Sun-Kyun

The series is from 2007, so you might find Gong Yoo a little raw, but it also means he is young and so much meatier, excuse my language.

Choi Han-Kyul is a rich, spoilt brat (chaebol) who will someday own the big and successful family coffee business, however, he is interested in neither working nor getting married. His grandmother puts a challenge before him – he needs to run a café successfully all by himself. For the café, Han-Kyul hires only good looking men, and in the process inadvertently hires Koh Eun-chan, an androgynous girl who often gets mistaken for a man. Han-Kyul feels this inexplicable strong pull towards Eun-chan and starts believing himself to be gay.

Gong Yoo carries the show, however, the first lady is not be discounted; Yoon Eun-Hye as a head strong, street smart and responsible girl matches the acting prowess of Gong Yoo. I have watched this show multiple times and still watch if from time to time.

Watch the show for the handsome Gong Yoo, and the unmistakable and endearing chemistry between the lead actors.

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#TellTaleThursday – The Wrath of Gods

Today’s prompt is this powerful image –

Image :

His eyes opened to the majestic blue sky. A clear sky would be delightful to many, but not to him. It meant his woes would not come to an end today.

Shaking his melancholy aside, he got up from the charpoy and went to the nearby jungle to complete his morning ablutions. If it didn’t rain by the end of this week, he would have nothing to give back to his creditors who hounded him mercilessly.

He went to the hut. His wife, who all of 25-years but looked like 50 with years of poverty and hard work, looked at him with hope. He shook his head. His two kids were still sleeping, their faces gaunt and their skin thin due to hunger.

She handed him some food. He had neither gone to the market, nor had given her money to buy food. He knew what she had served her. Any rodent or tabby she could get her hands on in the field became their meals these days.

Before going to sleep that night, he put his hands together. Calloused hands with dirt beneath the fingers joined together in a prayer. He prayed to the Rain God to send some over to his field. And slept.

In the night, he woke up to unusual sounds. What was it? He felt hot, burning hot. Within seconds he was up. A fierce inhuman cry came out of his mouth as he ran towards his field. Or what was left of it.

The Gods don’t answer all prayers.


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#TellTaleThursday – Innocent Wish

Prompt – You make a wish at midnight and it comes true..

Innocent Wish

Jenny came home from school. She threw her bag on the floor, flung her shoes in the air and sat on the kitchen stool with a surly face.

Her mother asked, “What’s wrong Jenny? Why are you sulking?”

“All my friends got new gifts for Christmas, except me,” she complained. “Sonia got a new pair of rollerblades, Ron got a football, Amy got a cool pair of gloves and Tina got a new prosthetic leg.”

“But you did get a Christmas gift, remember?”

“A black cardigan from the Salvation Army does not count as a gift,” Jenny retorted. Her mother didn’t like the tone of the little girl, but she was not wrong either. She wasn’t able to gift Jenny anything new for the last couple of years.

“OK, do one thing. Tonight at midnight, make a wish and I promise it will get fulfilled,” her mother promised. She could spare some savings for a new doll.

Jenny was ecstatic and couldn’t wait for the midnight. At the stroke of midnight, she made a wish. A simple wish.

The next morning, her mother came to Jenny’s room to wake her up for school. She saw her daughter was surrounded by strange things around her. She could see Rollerblades, a football, a golden ring, a parrot and what was that! Was it an artificial leg? She gasped.

What did her daughter wish for?

Can you guess what was Little Jenny’s wish??


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#TellTaleThursday – The Hand

Credit: Unsplash

“Aren’t you afraid of ghosts?” Sia asked Rohan upon leaving the theatre after watching a late-night ghost movie. “The whole theatre was screaming in fear, only you were sitting unperturbed through it all.”

“There are no ghosts in the real world,” Rohan replied.

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because I haven’t come across one in 33 years of my life,” he replied nonchalantly, already bored with the subject. As if it wasn’t enough that he had to watch a silly movie, now he had to talk about it too.

As luck would have it, there were ghosts in his dream too. A white sunken face bobbing on a wasted body was chasing Rohan in the woods. Though he was running to the best of his ability, it wasn’t enough. The ghost was quickly moving upon him. Rohan came upon a cottage, he went inside and locked the door. The ghost knocked at the door, but he couldn’t get inside. Rohan saw a lone emaciated hand with long nails making a screeching sound on the window pane.

Rohan woke up with a start. He shook his head to ward off the unpleasant dream. Strange, he had never dreamed of ghosts before. Maybe the movie had a part to play in this.

He was thirsty, so he went to the kitchen. He filled up a glass of ice-cold water and started sipping. He heard a screeching sound outside the window and turned around. It couldn’t be true! It was the same white hand.


We have discontinued with the weekly linky party. However, we will be sharing the prompts with our stories. Feel free to write on the prompts every Thursday. You can share the links in the comment section. We promise to read it. There is no word limit anymore. 

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Book Review – The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

I am taking part in the Write Tribe Reading Challenge and I have opted to read 24 books this year (though I am hoping to read more). There are 24 prompts given, and this book adheres to three of them:

8. A book with a name in the title

9. A book with orange cover (I finally got it 🙂 )

10. A book set in a country that you visited/want to visit

Image credit: Amazon

I must confess that I finished reading this book in 4 months, though I read 95% of the book only in the last 4 days.

It’s my good fortune that of late, I have been coming across beautiful books. The credit goes to my blogger friends who read and recommend these books.

So, without further ado, let me write about The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry


One morning, Harold Fry, a former brewery manager recently retired, finds a letter from an acquaintance, Queenie Hennessy, he hadn’t heard for over 20 years. The letter said Queenie was dying of a terminal cancer in a hospice in Berwick-upon-Tweed. Harold Fry was shaken. He wrote her a reply and started out to post the letter. However, when the post box cropped up, he didn’t feel like posting the letter so soon, so he decided to walk till the next box. But he still didn’t post and walked till the next one. He even walked past the post office and didn’t post the letter. A chance meeting with a girl in a garage shop who said how keeping faith and being positive helped her aunt (who had cancer), showed him the light. He decided to walk the length of the United Kingdom (from Kingsbridge at the south of England to Berwick-upon-Tweed, the most northern town in England) to meet Queenie, the woman who had once saved Harold’s life and had got nothing in return.

It didn’t matter to him that he was wearing yachting shoes and not walking shoes, he was not carrying any change of clothes and that he was not even carrying his mobile phone. He didn’t think of much except putting one foot before the other. Even when his feet developed blisters and were bleeding, he continued walking. Initially, Harold was too shy to ask for help. However, he met some very kind people on his journey and started believing in the genuineness of humanity.

Soon, he realized that it was not right on his part to squander his retirement fund on guest houses and daily meals. He decided to reach Berwick upon the largesse of the nature and people. He drank spring water, fruits from the fields and wild mushrooms foraged from the forest. He humbly accepted whatever people offered him and made sure he never took more than required.

Harold’s journey became a sensation in England and people in every city and town that he visited came forward to help Harold. In his journey, joined a motley of characters; all had a different purpose, but they made Harold’s journey their own.

At the end of 87 days after walking 627 miles, Harold reached Berwick to meet Queenie.


If you start reading the book, you will find it very ordinary. A retired old man starting a journey to meet a long-lost friend – what’s so extraordinary about it?

Well, the extraordinary is not in the man – but in the faith of the man that prompts him to make a tediously long journey. The extraordinary is in the humanity that picks up the old man whenever he falters. The extraordinary is in the learning that the man receives during his journey.

The title of the book is apt – it may be journey for some, but for Harold Fry it was a pilgrimage. A pilgrimage he needed to make to atone for his past sins, to be free of the guilt and burden of them and make peace with his present.

I liked Harold Fry for who he is – an honest man who doesn’t like to break his promise. But I also like the other characters in the story who are as lovable as Harold – Rex, who has recently lost his wife and is very helpful to Maureen deal with the absence of Harold and Kate – the only sane person who joins, albeit briefly, Harold in his journey.

I liked the book because of its simple writing, unassuming humor and not-over-the-top emotional drama.

#FridayFictioneers – Museum of old, chipped and broken

Image by Yours Truly!

Written for Friday Fictioneers

Thank you Rochelle for featuring this image.

Museum of old, chipped and broken

Is this a house or a museum??

What do you mean?

Just look around. It looks everything old, chipped and broken has found their way into our house. There’s this chipped coffee mug!

But I have planted rosemary in it.

And that old wooden crate.

It makes our bio compost.

And the broken pot, why aren’t you showing it the door?

Because it holds my precious roses.

He shook his head in frustration. She thought it was wise to stay mum about her latest find from the junkyard.