All That’s Zombie

All That’s Zombie

Koreans love zombies. No wonder they have so many series and movies with zombies in them.

Some of the best Korean zombie series are Alive, All of us are Dead, Kingdom, Happiness and The Wailing.

Giving you a heads up – I have watched none of these zombie series. I just couldn’t.

I started watching Train to Busan because, you guessed it right, Gong Yoo was the principal lead. A divorced father boards a train to take his small daughter to her mother’s town. The train gets infected with zombies. Will the father be able to keep his daughter safe from the bloodthirsty zombies?

The premise of the movie is splendid and the execution brilliant, so much so that I could not watch the blood and gore splattering, the hungry zombies. Halfway into the movie, I quit. In fact, I read an interesting anecdote about this movie. Gong Yoo is scared of ghosts and while shooting for this movie, he actually thought the zombies (actors) were going to come and kill him.

If you are a zombie fan, pick up any of these series or for that matter, Train to Busan. They all come with high ratings and recommendations.

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