Would You like a Cup of Coffee?

Would You like a Cup of Coffee?

Starring: Park Ho-San, Ong Seung-Wu

Park Seok (Park Ho-San) runs a popular coffee establishment frequented by a group of loyal customers in a quiet neighbourhood. Kang Go-Bi, a senior year student, visits the café and falls in love with the coffee. He requests Park Seok to take him as his apprentice. Park Seok who has always worked alone is reluctant to take anyone on board, but Kang Go-Bi’s sincerity wears him down and he takes Kang Go-Bi on as a part-time worker at the coffee shop.

The relationship between Park Seok and Kang Go-Bi is not that of an employer-employee, but more like a mentor-mentee. Kang Go-Bi learns a lot of life lessons working with Park Seok in the café. When Park Seok realises that he has taught everything that he could to Kang Go-Bi, he asks Kang Go-Bi to join a big coffee establishment of his acquaintance. Though Kang Go-Bi learns about different types of coffees in the new café, he misses the cosy warmth of the neighbourhood café and Park Seok’s kind and easy going teaching, and requests Park Seok to take him again as an apprentice.

The drama though centrally moves around Park Seok and Kang Go-Bi, takes turns in focusing upon the lives of the different customers who visit the café.

I like the unhurried, quiet pace of the drama. Though it was a 12-part series, I watched one episode a day to savour the relationship between the lead characters and to understand the life lessons that Park Ho-San so kindly teaches. Park Ho-San particularly shines through his soft spoken, smiling and unfazed character portrayal of Park Seok whose passion is to make coffee. Ong Seung-Wu doesn’t get much opportunity to showcase his acting chops with the veteran Park Ho-San around, but he sure looks promising. Throughout the show, I felt like visiting this café to taste the coffee just once, especially when Park Seok prepares the affogato.

Watch Would You like a Cup of Coffee if you want to enjoy a healing slice of life drama that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy.

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