Twenty Five Twenty One

Twenty Five Twenty One

Starring: Kim Tae-Ri, Nam Joo-Hyuk, Bona

Twenty Five Twenty One is a tribute to young people, their aspirations, struggles and friendship.

Na Hee-Do is a young teen fencer whose ambition is to play for Korean national team. She works hard and beats all odds to be on the Korean national team. However charming, the story is not only about Na Hee-Do, but also about Baek Ye-Jin who grows into a fine reporter and her beautiful and unassuming friendship with Na Hee-Do. Other characters like Ko Yu-Rim, Moon Ji-Ung and Ji Seung-Wan play important roles, without whom the show wouldn’t have been what it is.

The characters are bursting with life, their struggles feel so raw and real, and their relationships so heartfelt and relatable. The chemistry between the lead couple is brilliant, and you are actually sad when things don’t turn out the way they should be between them. But you know that is life, and one needs to move on. The relationship between enemies-turned-friends Na Hee-Do and Ko Yu-Rim is sweet and natural, and you end up rooting for both of them when they are competing against each other.

And now, talking about the lead actors, Kim Tae-Ri is heavenly. She is a natural, and I can’t think of anyone else playing Na Hee-Do. She was perfect for the role. As far as Nam Joo-Hyuk goes, I was absolutely besotted with him. He is so handsome, and so sincere. Bona as Yu-Rim particularly shined, and made me fall in love with a secondary lead.

Twenty Five Twenty One is a coming of age drama that no teen or youth should miss. I made my daughter watch it, so that she can learn about –

Ambition and how one needs to struggle to pursue their dreams. You might even have to give up on your love if it comes in the way of your life goals.

Friendship – Friendship is important, but in competition, one must leave their personal feelings aside

Self-esteem – Love and respect yourself and expect the same from others. Don’t hold onto a relationship that you have outgrown just for the sake of it.

Moral values – Life is nothing if not for your values. Stand by your principles even if the repercussions seem tedious.

Watch Twenty Five Twenty One because such brilliant dramas come only once in a while, and so when they do, you shouldn’t miss them.

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  1. This show was such a rage when it aired but I came across multiple posts on how the end was disappointing. So didn’t deliberately watch it.

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