One Spring Night

One Spring Night

Starring: Jung Hae-In, Han Ji-Min

The first Korean show I ever started watching was One Spring Night, however, used to being fast paced dramas, I found it exceedingly slow and frustrating. So, I left it after the first episode and switched on to another drama, “Something in the Rain” (interestingly, it has Jung Hae-In as the male lead as well) and fell in love with K dramas hook, line and sinker. After completing the show, I came back to One Spring Night only because of the super handsome Jung Hae-In, and found the show to be more interesting and suitable for a matured audience.

Lee Geong-In (Han Ji-Min) is in a long standing relationship, however, she is unhappy and feels dissatisfied. To add to her confusion, she meets a single father Yu Ji-Ho (Jung Hae-In) who professes that he likes her. Geong-In is attracted to Ji-Ho, but is unable to break with her boyfriend, Gi-Seok (Kim Jun-Han). A patient Ji-Ho gives her time, but in the process Geong-In’s Gi-Seok comes to know about Ji-Ho’s presence in her girlfriend’s life. His ego is hurt, especially as he considers Ji-Ho’s social standing to be lower than his as he is a single father, and takes it upon himself to free Geong-In from Ji-Ho’s clutches. However, Geong-In is a strong-willed woman and takes Gi-Seok head on.

I like the drama not only because of the strong feminist character of Geong-In who goes against her strict father’s wishes and defies societal rules, but I also like her as a confused woman who is unable to decide whether she should go ahead with Ji-Ho. Geong-In is both strong and weak, and that is something most women can relate to. The side stories, especially of Geong-In’s elder sister gives a glimpse into the regressive thinking of the Korean society, which to some point is quite similar to Indian.

I like the show because of the two adorable leads, Jung Hae-In is my favourite, you must know that by now. I had read somewhere that Han Ji-Min is prone to overacting, but in this show, she has restrained herself and acted like never before. Not only the chemistry between Jung Hae-In and Han Ji-Min looks authentic, but also they have acted so naturally with each other. There are scenes where it actually feels that they didn’t know the camera was rolling, they look so unrehearsed and hence all the more real.

I also liked Ji-Ho’s two friends – they are goofy but also stand by Ji-Ho in difficult times. Geong-In’s younger sister Jae-In is another gusty woman who stands up to her father and dates Ji-Ho’s friend on her own terms.

The music of the show is brilliant, especially the song by Carla Bruni – Spring Waltz is so hauntingly beautiful that you feel like bawling your eyes out whenever you listen to it. Other beautiful songs are “We Could Still Be Happy” and “No Direction” by Rachael Yamagata. I cannot image One Spring Night without these songs.

Watch this show for a mature, unhurried drama and soul lifting songs.

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  1. I had really enjoyed watching this show for some reason. In fact I watched it before ‘Something in the Rain’.

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