My Liberation Notes

My Liberation Notes

Starring: Son Seok-Goo, Kim Ji-Won, Lee Min-Ki, Lee El

It’s a story of three siblings, who though only in their thirties are already exhausted by the monotony of their everyday life.

While the eldest of the siblings, Yeom Gi-Geong (Lee El) is looking for a perfect life partner, the younger one, Yeom Chang-Hee (Lee Min-Ki) is a commitment phobic, and harbours a very simple dream that is to move to Seoul where all the action lies. On the other hand, the youngest one, Yeom Mi-Geong (Kim Ji-Won), is an introvert and the most obedient of the three siblings. However, she is strong willed and is looking for ways to liberate herself from the tyranny of extroverted people. Maybe that’s the reason why it comes as a total shocker when she asks Mr. Gu (Son Seok-Goo), the farm hand on her father’s farm “to worship her.” Not love, mind you, but worship, that’s quite a choice of words!

Mr. Gu agrees to this form of worship, but their relationship is not the normal kind. They hardly speak, but are comfortable in each other’s company. Yeom Chang-Hee is the goofy one and his rants are hilarious. Like the instance where he tries to copy Mr. Gu and jumps over the canal only to end up falling in it face down, or when he has to urgently use the loo at Mr. Gu’s place in the night and end ups obsessing over Mr. Gu’s luxury car keys.

My Liberation Notes is a slice of drama that is quite unusual and hence appealing too. I have seen Lee Min-Ki playing an introvert in the drama “Because this is my First Life”, and I liked him in it, but I also found him equally good playing a loudmouth in this show. He is that versatile an actor.

Watch this show for the super cute underrated romance between Mi-Geong and Mr. Gu. Son Seon-Gu is absolutely adorable and after watching this show went on to feature on my Most Handsome Korean Male Actors list.

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2 thoughts on “My Liberation Notes

  1. This one I watched when it was being telecasted. ‘Worship me’ has stayed with me. Also I loved the elder sister’s character too. The scene where in she vehemently says that if my man is killed I would pick his severed head.. something like that had me in splits. An unusual drama and quite slow as well but I enjoyed watching it 🙂

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