A Korean Odyssey

A Korean Odyssey

Starring: Lee Seung-Gi, Oh Yeon-Seo, Cha Seung-Won

Another superb fantasy drama after Goblin. Seriously, Koreans do it so much better. I am not a great fan of fantasy genre, but I am not able to resist Korean fantasy dramas.

A mythical creature in an attempt to free himself of a long-serving curse, falls into another trap where he finds himself at the mercy of a mere human. Ironically, she is also the woman he falls eventually in love with.

The show has all the masala that a good show must have – humour, horror, romance and heartbreak. The ending is particularly spectacular, and totally unexpected.

The male lead, Lee Seung-Gi plays various shades in his role of the great sage equal to heaven – he is evil, naughty, fearless and a daredevil. Though Lee Seung-Gi can make any girl go weak in her knees with his intense looks, I found the chemistry between him and the female lead a bit lacking. On the other hand, the tug of war between the Devil King and the great sage is hilarious. It’s one of the highlights of the show.

Watch the show for complete entertainment.

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6 thoughts on “A Korean Odyssey

  1. I watched a K-drama many months ago. Like you said they do it quite well. No wonder they are very popular.
    I too am not a fan of fantasy. But this sounds interesting. Let me check it out.

    1. The makers know how to keep the audience engrossed. They have everything – romance, drama, masala. If you are keen on watching a Kdrama, I wouldn’t recommend this one to start with. You can start with Hometown Cha Cha Cha, Goblin, Let’s Eat, One Spring Night, Reply 1988

  2. I rarely enjoy fantasy, both in books and shows. So I have steered clear of such shows barring Goblin. Had tried watching Hotel Deluna too which is quite a rage, but left it after an episode or so. I have mostly loved their rom coms Or slice of life dramas. Though they are good at all genres I must say. Have you watched Memories of Alhambra? It was a genre I don’t watch much but what a unique concept it had. And of course Hyun Bin didn’t hurt either

    1. Same here, I don’t enjoy fantasy. Goblin was a pleasant surprise and so was A Korean Odyssey. I haven’t watched Memories of Alhambra, though I want to. Will watch it next. I started watching Black Night, but didn’t find it gripping enough, so left it after 1st episode. I start a lot of dramas and leave them after a couple of episodes if they are not interesting enough 🙂

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