It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Starring: Seo Yea-Ji, Kim Soo-Hyun, Oh Jung-Se, Kim Joo-Hun

Some dramas come with high recommendations, and It’s okay to not be okay is one of them.

It’s a story of three people – one autistic older brother, Moon Sang-Tae (Oh Jung-Se), the younger brother, Moon Gang-Tae (Kim Soo-Hyun) and an antisocial children’s fairy tale author, Ko Moon-Young (Seo Yea-Ji).

Moon-Young is selfish, arrogant and rude. She has antisocial personality disorder and drives away people away from her. Her only obsession is Gang-Tae and she would do anything to make him fall in love with her that includes putting up with Gang-Tae’s older brother Sang-Tae. However, Sang-Tae is equally possessive of his younger brother and doesn’t want to let him go which leads to frequent friction between the two.

Gang-Tae though drawn towards Moon-Young also understands his responsibility towards his elder brother. He is caught between the fear of his brother who thinks Gang-Tae will abandon him that Moon-Young has come into the picture and the irresistible attraction of the beautiful and fearless Moon-Young.

This drama is a story about emotions and complex relationships. Oh Jung-Se’s portrayal of an autistic person is as real as it can come. The scene where he realises that his brother lied to him and spent the night with Moon-Young leads him to publicly scream that how Gang-Tae has always wished him dead and he even once left him dying in a frozen river, touches the heart profoundly.

Seo Yea-Ji not only looks divine in those beautiful dresses fit for a prom or runway, but she has also played her role as an antisocial person with selfish and obsessive streaks to the T. However, my heart went out to Kim Soo-Hyun as the man struggling with mental and emotional stress as a caregiver, and still able to look at things objectively.

The other things I would like to mention is the slow developing chemistry between the second lead actress Nam Joo-Ri and Lee Sang-In. Also, the gothic colonial style mansion built in the middle of the woods where Moon-Young stays is totally in keeping with her character. These are small things, but they go on to prove how much thought and method the makers of the show have put in.

With all the hype and the brilliance of the show, I still had a hard time finishing it. I could not relate to either the story or the actors. If I look at individual acting, each one of them is extraordinary, but as a whole, I could not relate to them.

Watch the show for some brilliant acting, esp. by Oh Jung-Se.

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14 thoughts on “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

  1. Oh I loooooveeeee It‘s okay not to be okay!
    And I have watched it like multiple times-lost the count. I could relate to each one of them, and the story is very relatable if you have been suppressing your feelings, trying to make ends meet for everyone around you, controlling parents, and a desire to be something irrespective of your disability and not letting it hold you from flying. It’s a package. I loved everything the story like, the small stories that were told so beautifully, the illustrations and the cinematography (well that’s something k-drama makers should be awarded for). This is one of my fav k-drama show.

    1. So glad it worked for you, Nazish. Even I am surprised that why a drama with such high ratings didn’t work for me. Maybe I will come back to it again after a few months. Thanks so much for taking out time to read the post and comment on it. <3

      1. If you couldn’t relate to the drama or any of the characters,then you don’t need to force yourself to finish the show because the draft entails the individual to immerse themselves into the characters,if you couldn’t do that,then I can see why you won’t like it and that’s okay. I personally loved it as a psychotherapist there was really a lot to unpack and psychoanalyse. You said you enjoyed “crash course in romance” while I on the other hand didn’t enjoy it. It’s all about preferences

        1. Rhena, thanks for taking out the time to read the post and comment on it. I am glad you liked the show but I am also surprised at the level of judgement in your comment. We all are different individuals with different preferences, what you like might not be liked by someone else and vice versa. Cheers and peace!!

    2. I also related to it so well. I’m surprised when people say they can’t relate to it or empathize with the characters. Oh well, not everyone had a childhood like mine haha

  2. No, I haven’t watched this. Will check this out.
    The ratings only shows the cumulative response, and it’s not accurate. It’s not necessary that everyone should like the best rated movie.

      1. I had enjoyed watching this show. Was magical and surreal. Wow Anshu, you have watched so many of these. I am way behind. Will ask you recos for my next watch whenever that isThe last one I had watched was ‘ Crash Course in Romance’ and i quite enjoyed it.

  3. I had enjoyed watching this show. Was magical and surreal. Wow Anshu, you have watched so many of these. I am way behind. Will ask you recos for my next watch whenever that isThe last one I had watched was ‘ Crash Course in Romance’ and i quite enjoyed it.

    1. Meha, I watched this show because it came with high recommendations, and you are right, it has a magical and surreal quality about it. From the gothic mansion in the woods to the lead actress wearing beautifully tailored clothes, the hospital on the cliff with a fantastic view of the sea and the mystery surrounding the actress’s mother. But it it not my type of show. Anyway, I do think I am watching Korean a lot. I have given up on Hindi series, that jabardasti ka gali-galoch I cannot tolerate. The only Hindi series I have actually liked in the recent times is Gulakh. It’s a beautiful, clean show. I watched Crash Course in Romance but left the last 2 episodes as it was dragging.

      1. Yes, I find these shows way better than our Hindi melodrama. We cannot watch those with the kids around. With K drama, there is no such fear. Barring a few intimate scenes they do not have a lot of profanity. Try watching Crash course, it picks up. Though I didnt like the chemistry between the lead actors. If you like medical dramas like me, do watch Dr. Romatic 1 and 2. I thoroughly enjoyed them.

        1. Same here, Aanya also watches Kdramas that are appropriate for her, no concerns about weird scenes. Crash course I have watched almost until the end. As you said, I didn’t like the chemistry between the lead actors, even the teenage actors had more chemistry going on for them than the lead actors. 🙂 Have heard a lot about Dr. Romantic, will def watch it

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