The Guardian – The Lonely and The Great God – A Heartfelt Korean Fantasy Drama

The (G)uardian – The Lonely and The Great God

Starring: Gong Yoo, Kim Go-Eun, Dong Wook-Lee, Yoo In-Na, Yook Sung-Jae

The Guardian – The Lonely and The Great God popularly known as The Goblin is not just a show, but it’s the fantasy of many. It’s difficult to sum up this great show in a few words, and I doubt I will be able to do it justice, but try I will.

Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) is a 940-old year Goblin who carries an invisible sword piercing his heart and is cursed to immortality until he can find a bride who can only pull out that sword and set his soul free. He is a kind-hearted person, and helps people with his supernatural abilities. Ji Eun-Tak (Kim Go-Eun), an orphan but an optimistic 19-year old has powers to see the souls from the other side of the world, and that is how she can see the sword in Goblin’s chest. She is also the bride of the Goblin.

Wang Yeo (Lee Dong-Wok) plays the role of Sejun Saja or the Grim Reaper. He is entrusted with the task of taking Eun-Tak’s soul. He is also the housemate of Goblin.

All the characters in this show are just superb, and contribute to the show in such a positive way. Whether it’s the cold and clumsy Grim Reaper or ever smiling Eun-Tak (the scene where a shy Eun-Tak says “Sarangeyeo” just melts your heart”, whether it’s the goofy and jealous Goblin or the beautiful Sunny, each one of them is so adorable, that you keep on thinking about them long after the show is over. The bromance between the Grim Reaper and the Goblin is hilarious and cuts the tension of the highly emotional story. I was laughing in one scene and then bawling like a little child in the next.

This is the show where I fell in love with Gong Yoo. This is the show where I appreciated a fantasy drama as much as I did Harry Potter. This is the show where you can’t find a single error or inconsistency.

Watch The Goblin because it’s one of the best K-dramas out there. It is said that the screenwriter of the show waited for 5 years for Gong Yoo to say yes to the role of Goblin, because according to her there could have been no other Goblin than him. And we concur.

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8 thoughts on “The Guardian – The Lonely and The Great God – A Heartfelt Korean Fantasy Drama

    1. Hi Harjeet, Kdramas start a bit slow. It takes 2-3 episodes for the story and pace to pick up. I would recommend Hometown Cha Cha Cha, Crash Landing on You, Twenty Five Twenty One to start with.

  1. I watched this show recently a
    Anshu. I am not into fantasy at all but this is such a loved show that I finally did watch it. Initially I thought how weird is this plot. But then I was bowled over. Ended up reading wonderful blogs about it. And the OST is pure love. Made me want to visit Canada adorning a red scarf.

    1. Same here. I don’t like fantasy, but this was something else altogether. The story and the actors made all the difference. The OST, especially Stay with me is my all-time fav. I didn’t like Gong Yoo before this show, in this I fell for him hard. 🙂

  2. I havent gotten into K-dramas as yet and am still iffy about it. But the premise of this one sounds good. Wonder if boredom would propel me to it someday soon.

    You have to tell me why you are so hooked on them – I always thought of them to be more YA/teenagerish. Am I wrong?

    1. Shalini, I was very much against any drama east of India, at the risk of sounding racist, I can’t handle their nasal sounds. But one fine day, I had nothing to watch and I remember my friend had recommended a few Kdramas. I started watching the first one and got bored in the 1st episode. Then started the 2nd drama and fell for it and how.

      On the contrary, kdramas serve a very mature audience. They usually revolve around social issues, complex relationships, human weakness, caprice and passion. I would recommend Our Blues, My Liberation Notes, One Spring Night, It’s okay to not be okay, Would You like a Cup of Coffee, Romance is a Bonus Book, Behind Every Star.

  3. Hey Anshu,
    Is this your new (other ) blog, where you write fiction (just like me)?
    About Kdramas, well, I am not into them. My TV watching has been less. It’s only 15 – 20 minutes while taking a break from work. Although, I must say the artists of Kdramas do look super cute! 🙂 Hubby used to watch one last year, I don’t remember the name, but he was so into it. He said there’s a freshness in their stories.

    1. Hi Shilpa, this blog has been there since 2012, it’s my oldest blog where I wrote about movies, books, stories, etc. Firsttimemommy was my parenting blog that I have stopped writing for. I guess your hubby was watching Squid Game, it was very popular last year, and most hubbies including mine were watching it. 🙂 And am super impressed that you don’t watch TV. I would want to oust this addiction of mine too.

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