Because This is My First Life

Because This is My (F)irst Life

Starring: Jung So-Min, Lee Min-Ki

Nam Sae-Hee (Lee Min-Ki) owns a house, but has hardly any savings left. He is a penny pincher. On the other hand, Yoon Ji-Ho (Jung So-Min) is a homeless writer who barely makes enough to sustain herself. Two housemates get married, in order to save money, but soon realise life is not as easy and predictable as it seems. Demanding in-laws, their own growing attraction towards each other are some of the things they have to fight with.

Because This is My First Life is a brilliant drama with a superb storyline and excellent acting by both Jung So-Min and Lee Min-Ki. The drama addresses a few social causes – the incredible fondness Korean society has for the male son, how in-laws are a constant presence in the family, the sexual harassment women undergo at their workplace.

A few quotes that I liked from the drama –

Going through this life is a first time for all of us anyways.

Just because you lived yesterday, doesn’t mean you know all about today.

Though Lee Min-Ki is not a great looker, his acting prowess more than makes up for it. Jung So-Min is super cute, and acts well too. Even the side stories are equally interesting.

Watch Because This is My First Life for a hatke story.

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4 thoughts on “Because This is My First Life

  1. I have watched so many kdrama that I guess I have forgotten if I have watched this one or not. I don’t remember clearly. But yes, Korean dramas are very relatable and soothing.

  2. This was a show I watched at random during covid days and loved it. It is one of my favorite shows I can say. There were so many laugh out loud moments. The lead actress is lovely too. Also the story of her fiesty friend and the actor’s boss was endearing.

    1. Even I ended up watching this show at random, but once I started I couldn’t stop watching it. Apart from the lead actors, even I liked her feisty friend. Love how cleverly they integrate social issues in their dramas.

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