Twenty (A)gain

Twenty (A)gain

Twenty Again, K Drama

Starring: Choi Ji-Woo, Lee Sang-Yoon, Choi Won-Young

The world of Ha No-ra, a homemaker and a mother of a young lad, comes crashing down when her husband hands her the divorce papers. At the same time, she learns she has cancer in advanced stage and won’t live for more than 6 months. She also feels lost and diffident. She dropped out of school as she got pregnant, and had made her life revolve around her husband and her son. But both of them look at her with disgust and pity. To get her self-confidence back and pursue her lifelong dream, she joins the same college her son gets enrolled into.

To her surprise, she meets her school friend Cha Hyun-Suk who teaches at the university. However, Cha Hyun-Suk is upset with her as No-ra not only disappeared from his life overnight but also didn’t even come to attend her grandmother’s funeral.

In the initial days, No-ra being the only old student is not accepted by her younger classmates, however, a wise and helpful woman, No-ra soon wins their hearts over. She starts enjoying her college life, gets her confidence back and stops pursuing her ungrateful husband and son.

The viewers can see the gradual change in No-ra from a pitiable, helpless wife and mother to a confident woman.

Twenty Again is in my list for two things – Lee Sang-Yoon (oh, those dimples!) and for introducing tteokbeoki (rice cakes in a spicy sauce).

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