Gondh Ladoo – Why This High Calorie Ladoo is Ideal for New Mothers After Delivery?

After delivery, I was given gondh ladoos. I was told it was good for breastfeeding mothers and provided strength to new mothers. Initially, I didn’t like it. But then I got so hooked to its taste and the way it satiated me that I ate gondh ladoos guilt-free for a year, till I breastfed my baby. New mothers are served this high calorie ladoo after delivery especially in states like UP, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

Traditional gaundh ladoos are made of gond or edible gum, whole wheat flour, desi ghee, chunky nuts, seeds, coconut and some spices. And they contain various nutrients such as iron, calcium, Vitamin A and also food groups like protein, unsaturated fats and carbohydrates.

Gondh, gondh katira, dink or tragacanth gum is a colourless and odourless gum made from the sap of plants called gondh or locoweed. It is dried, which then forms into crystals.

Let us understand in a little detail why this high calorie gondh ladoo is a post pregnancy food.

Lactation friendly – A new mother needs more protein in her diet as she is breastfeeding her newborn. Gondh ladoos contain a good amount of protein that increases a mother’s milk supply and hence is ideal for breastfeeding mothers.

Strengthens bones – Most new mothers suffer from back pain. Gondh helps in strengthening bones and inflammation of the joints.

Helps in menstrual flow – Gondh or tragacanth gum keeps the menstrual flow in check and helps in menstrual cramps.

Boosts immunity – Gondh ladoos with gondh and spices like black pepper and dried ginger root powder along with other ingredients, boost immunity and help a new mother recover from post-partum ailments sooner.

Relieves constipation – Gondh high in calcium and magnesium has digestive and laxative properties, which is highly welcome as new mothers might suffer from constipation and fear hurting their stitches in perineum after hysterectomy. Also, fats like ghee helps in softening and smooth passing of the stool.

Maintains skin health – Gondh has anti-aging properties and is known to delay the onset of fine lines and wrinkles. Also, with nuts and seeds, gondh helps in putting the radiance back in your skin. Now, you know why most new mothers radiate with good health. It’s the gondh ladoos along with other post delivery foods given to her.

Satiates – A new mother who is breastfeeding feels constantly hungry. At least it was the case with me. As soon as I finished one meal, I thought about what I was going to eat next. At a time like this, these high calorie gondh ladoos provide extra calories needed by a new mother and keep her full for a few hours.

Some things to keep in mind regards to Gondh Ladoo:

  • Eat one or two gondh ladoos daily.
  • Gond ladoos are more enjoyable with hot milk.
  • Gond ladoos are ideal for breakfast or as mid-meal fillers.
  • If you don’t like ladoos, you can even make it as halwa or barfi.
  • While these ladoos are fulfilling and highly recommended for new mothers, they are not given to pregnant mothers, because of its warm properties.
  • Since gondh ladoos are made of nutrient-rich foods like ghee, nuts, seeds and gondh, it is a perfect energy snack for kids and adults alike in the winter.

If you are a new mother or soon to be a mother, keep in mind to eat these high calorie gondh ladoos after delivery.

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