Let the hair down – #TellTaleThursday

Prompt for this week –

At a dinner party, you find that someone’s drink is spiked

Write a story narrating what you will do next.

Pub with bartenders and people sitting and ordering
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Word count – 247 Words

Let the hair down

He was sitting on the Barstool, sipping his whiskey, neat. There was a terrible cacophony in the pub, loud music, drunk people trying to drown the music with their loud talking and clinking glasses. This party looked like a mistake. He should have heeded his instinct and never come.

“Excuse me, can you mind your leg please?” said the polite, but a haughty voice from the next stool. He turned around to see a small, petite women in her late-twenties, oval face, brown eyes, long hair tied in a low chignon and red lips.

“Sorry!” He said aloud. His smile was not returned.

“Bartender, coke please!” She squeaked in her feminine voice.

“After a long week at work, you need more than a coke I am sure,” he joked, looking at the laptop bag resting at the foot of the stool.

“I don’t drink with strangers, thank you!” She retorted and turned her face.

That was definitely a brush-off from Miss Hoity-Toity. He said to himself.

It happened so suddenly that he had barely time to react. The bartender winked at him and poured what definitely looked like rum in his neighbor’s glass of coke.

Without realizing, she gulped down the contents of the glass in a single breath. And asked for another. The bartender again gave her a spiked drink.

A few minutes later, she kept the phone down and turned to him, eyes drowsy and appealing.

“This is my favorite song. How about a dance?”

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