#TellTaleThursday – 11 April 2019

Prompt for this week –

You find an electronic bug in your home

Word count – 207 Words

The charm

Electronic bug
#TellTaleThursday – Weekly Fiction Writing

“Why are you calling me at this late hour?” Amanda demanded, her fingers toying with the charm on her chain. The kids had gifted it to her yesterday on her birthday. And she liked it.

“Because I thought you would be interested in knowing that you have just lost your alimony,” her lawyer said sarcastically.

“Are you drunk? What are you saying? No, I haven’t?”

“Your husband knows that you had multiple affairs while you were still together and you neglected your children. You even left them alone in the house while you partied all night.”

Amanda crashed on the sofa. “But how could he have known?”

“Ask him.”

“Hello, what is this about no alimony?” She barked as soon as her husband answered the phone.

“I knew you would call, my holier-than-thou wife. Every night a new partner, melange-a-trois, partying, boozing and drugs,” he said.

“That’s not true.”

“Poor Jack, he didn’t have an inkling that his wife was cheating on him and big time too, remember your words?”

Of course, she remembered. But how did he know? Unless…she opened the charm on her chain, the one with the kid’s photo on it.

“You bast#&d…!!”

Jack’s laugh was like a roar before he disconnected the call.


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