#TellTaleThursday – 4th April 2019

Prompt for this week –

A woman in the water praying
Image – Pexels

Word count – 112 Words


They thought witchcraft was evil. Old fools! Little did they know it was a science of detachment. An art of sacrifice.

Who could sacrifice her milk suckling twin babies and smear herself with their virgin blood? Who could stand in the freezing waters of the lake the whole night waiting for the morning sun to bathe her in its golden nectar.

Who could slit the throat of her husband because the stupid man started howling on seeing the blood? As if they couldn’t have had more babies together.

Today, she would be blessed. She would be in the inner circle. She would be one with them. And rule the world for eternity.

The rules are simple:

  • Write a story, complete in itself.
  • Check spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
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  • The story should be up to 250 words.
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17 thoughts on “#TellTaleThursday – 4th April 2019

  1. That’s dark. I don’t even have kids, but that seems like way too much of a sacrifice for anything. I don’t care what it is. Kudos for going into the darkness and not being afraid to get a little bloody.

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