#FridayFictioneers – Museum of old, chipped and broken

Image by Yours Truly!

Written forย Friday Fictioneers

Thank you Rochelle for featuring this image.

Museum of old, chipped and broken

Is this a house or a museum??

What do you mean?

Just look around. It looks everything old, chipped and broken has found their way into our house.ย There’s this chipped coffee mug!

But I have planted rosemary in it.

And that old wooden crate.

It makes our bio compost.

And the broken pot, why aren’t you showing it the door?

Because it holds my precious roses.

He shook his head in frustration. She thought it was wise to stay mum about her latest find from the junkyard.

75 thoughts on “#FridayFictioneers – Museum of old, chipped and broken

  1. Oh dear! He’ll surely not like to see that, would he? So well written, Anshu. This image is very interesting so I think I’m joining in for #ff this week after what seems like ages!

  2. I like your protagonist’s thinking! This piece definitely makes me a feel a little bit guilty – I’m the worst for chucking stuff out rather than trying to repair…

  3. That was fun… It appears they don’t have the same vision so maybe it was a good idea to keep mum!
    Thank you for the wonderful picture, Anshu.

  4. Nice one, I like it. Just wait til he finds that his old work boots have been made into pots for petunias. I did this to my hubby’s old barn boots once… note I say “once”. heheh!

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