#WriteBravely – Forgetfulness (90 words)

I am taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words.

And today’s prompt is –

A lady in red in a labyrinth of hallways
#WriteBravely – Forgetfulness – Pic off Pexels.com


She was becoming forgetful these days. Car keys would be in the rice jar and her glasses would be in the shoes. Yesterday evening, she spent 30 minutes looking for her phone while it was in her pocket all the time.

She decided to see the doctor on the weekend.

In the night, she visited a palace with many doors and narrow hallways. She entered one room after another.

It was time to get up. She would get late for work. Time to return. But how? She had forgotten the way.

17 thoughts on “#WriteBravely – Forgetfulness (90 words)

  1. Intriguing, engaging forlorn story, Anshu! Poor trapped soul. My heart goes out to her.
    Happy Women’s Day to you and more power to your writing!

  2. Thought provoking! Looking for things that are just right there sometimes happens with me too, when I’m preoccupied…forgetfulness can be actually dangerous…you know, like forgetting to turn off the stove, lock the door etc.

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