#WriteBravely – Echo (120 words)

I am taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words.

And today’s prompt is –


A broken mirror reflecting a calm person
Write Tribe Festival of Words – Pic off Pexels.com


“I am leaving,” she said. He looked at her, like a patient mother would at her errant child urging him to explain.

“I am tired of taking initiatives – I proposed to you, I fixed the date of our wedding, I chose this house… it is always ME! I can’t take the lead anymore while you wait for things to happen,” she erupted.

He didn’t understand why should that be a problem? One leads, another follows. But his face remained calm.

“Please say something – shout, cry or slap me hard, just don’t keep sitting there like a Buddha,” she pleaded.

She shook her head, picked up her bag and slammed the door hard. He felt its reverberation for a long time.

(120 words)



28 thoughts on “#WriteBravely – Echo (120 words)

  1. Inaction is often taken as indifference. Thus she has a valid and solid reason to desert. Good one Anshu.

  2. some people prefer to to follow and take orders. and some are happy to lead from the front and take all decisions.

  3. Good that she took this decision. One-sided relationships tend to be exhausting for the partner who is the most invested in the relationship. Good one for the prompt, Anshu!

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