#WriteBravely -Holidays and marriages

I am taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words.

And today’s prompt is –

A couple in a kayak boat in the middle of sea
Write Tribe Festival of Words

Holidays and marriages

“I think what we really need is a holiday. We have been very stressed of late,” she urged. He nodded without looking into her eye. He couldn’t remember when they had last looked into each other’s eye.

They went to Goa, where they had a romantic honeymoon 12 years ago. They did all the right things – ate, drank and soaked up the sunshine.

They came back and filed for divorce. Holidays don’t patch up broken marriages.


Word Count – 75 words



30 thoughts on “#WriteBravely -Holidays and marriages

  1. Holidays dont patch up broken marriages. sad but true. Wish both of them find love and happiness in their paths.

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