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The country had never seen such bitter cold before. The cold had penetrated into his old weary bones.

He saw the golden flames of a fire in the distance and started walking towards it in hope. He might be able to request the people to share their bonfire with him. They wouldn’t refuse an old man.

As he walked further, the flames of the fire kept rising up. What he thought was a bonfire was actually a row of huts on fire. As people howled and ran around with buckets of water, he crouched, drawing warmth.

76 thoughts on “Bonfire

    1. I was in Jaipur last month and it was quite chilly. We were sitting around a bonfire warming our fingers. So yes the story does remind of the recent cold spell while bonfire is what we think of in niemtter cold, isn’t it.

  1. Some people lost everything in fire, another person tried to survive by soaking in the warmth. May be lost his belongings long time back. How life presents itself to different people.

  2. I shivered when I read this, feeling the cold! What a terrible tragedy for those people, that just when they’re coldest, the fire takes away their shelter. But since he started with no shelter at all, that same fire provides him warmth. Not for long though, I’d guess — if the others see that he’s benefiting from their doom and not trying to help, I can’t see them helping him afterward!

  3. This is very well captured. The flow of this story had great ebbs & twists. At the start I was so behind him & by the end I was like, ‘Get a bucket of water, help them!’ Really well-crafted.

  4. Love the picture.
    Can’t wish comfort for him though. Better he would have helped and earned the warmth of people’s affection.
    Fabulous story!

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