Honest Lad


PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Written for Friday Fictioneers


“Don’t play cricket in the driveway. Something’s bound to break,” shouted Mrs. K at the bunch of kids before leaving for the market.

Who pays heed to an eccentric old woman?

Two hours later, Mrs. K returned to find her screen door covered in duct tape and a note stuck to the door.

Mrs. K,

Sorry for the door. But my mom says duct tape can fix it all. 🙂

S (who was not playing cricket. Honestly)

43 thoughts on “Honest Lad

    1. So true Kalpana! Precious days they were! Once the pane shattered, the blame game would start – you were the batsman, so you broke the pane. No you threw such a ball that I had to hit a six…ha ha! What days!

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