#TellTaleThursday – 6th December 2018

The rules are simple:

  • Write a story, complete in itself.
  • Check spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Copy and paste your Story URL to the inLinkz list.
  • The story should be up to 250 words.
  • Add this line < #TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya > at the end of the post.
  • Read, comment and share – spread the love.

Today we have a picture prompt! We know, we know, you love those! 🙂

#TellTaleThursday - picture prompt for 6th Dec 2018 hosted by Anshu and Priya
Image credit : Pixabay

Word count – 211 Words

The survivors

Rachel raised her hand and started sharing. Her soft musical voice gaining confidence with each spoken word.

“He would hit me with a bat, cut me with a knife – the more I screamed the more he would be aroused. I knew it was wrong but I lacked the force to quit. He was my husband with whom I had shared vows to be there till death did us apart.”

She had come a long way from the quiet shy girl who would sit in her chair meeting after meeting, refusing to talk or share, Jason thought. The bruises on her face had healed leaving faint scars, but the fear and pain in her eyes had taken a long time to be driven away.

Rachel looked at Jason and found his eyes on her. She smiled. If it wasn’t for him, she would have been lost. She would not even have survived. He was her anchor.

Rachel had sparked feelings in him which Jason didn’t know existed. He had supressed them for so long that he had forgotten his real self. He feared all human beings. His stepdad had made sure of it. After years, he had found himself and the capability to love someone. He had found an anchor in her.

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