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“Can’t you do something other than collecting rocks?” he said.

“They are fossils,” his son argued.

“So basically rocks.” Sonny boy chose not to argue.

“But why go to Thailand?”

“To collect more fossils, dad.”

“I’d rather you didn’t go this time.” He plead.

This conversation took place every time he had to travel overseas for work.

As he opened the box of fossils fedexed by the Paleotology Department, his hands shook and his eyes welled up. On the wall, there was a picture that said –

Jeremiah Williams

14.02.74 – 26.12.2004

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  1. Well told, my uncle was and still is living there at the moment, it was an awful event and the current situation in Indonesia brings it all back. However I don’t think the news in UK is as comprehensive as it was that Boxing Day, maybe because the area isn’t such a tourist spot. I can’t say for definite of course but I perceive this to be the case.

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