Water under the bridge

This story is part of a novella – A girl was born

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water under the bridge
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“I loved you, Himanshu, like there was no tomorrow. I could have followed you to the end of the world, if only you had asked me to. But, not anymore. That ship has already sailed.” As she was saying these words, she realized they were true. She no longer loved Himanshu.

“So, what was this. Were you getting even with me for what I supposedly did to you years ago?­”

“Seriously, the thought never even entered my mind. After you left, I thought it was the end of my life. I married Nikhil only because I had to. I didn’t love him as I should have, because I thought I loved you. But, meeting you has made me realise that I was wrong. I loved you before, that’s the truth, but I don’t know when I stopped loving you.”

You wouldn’t have been here if you had loved Nikhil.” His words hit her, because they were true.

“Tara, I am not talking of a one-night stand here. We have something special between us. I want you with me.” He tried gathering her in his arms again.

Tara pushed him. “It has always been about what you want. Eighteen years ago, you wanted to go to London, you did. You wanted to marry someone else, you did. But, now no more. This is my life, please let me take charge of it. I don’t want you in my life. I wanted that closure, it seems I have finally got it, even if belatedly.”

He was upset, she could see that.

“Himanshu, let’s not part like this. Believe me when I say I didn’t play with you or want to hurt your feelings. My teenage years were brainwashed with romantic heroes that didn’t exist. All my married life, I hankered after a man who was not available for me, while I ignored a husband who loved me and worshiped the ground I walked on. This evening has given me a new perspective. It has made me realise that I was in love with love. I didn’t love you, but the image of you that I had created in my mind.”

“What will you do now?” Himanshu asked.

“I don’t know.” She admitted truthfully and smiled. She gave a peck on his cheek. He was about to say something but thought better of it. She left.

Should she admit her romantic interlude with Himanshu to Nikhil? What do you say? Yay or Nay? Find out tomorrow.


33 thoughts on “Water under the bridge

  1. Excellent. I see the hero, villain and victim in tara. Let this be her hidden memories buried for good reasons. If she shares with nikil, i am not sure how he would digest this for he loved tara sincerely. Now that she has a grown up daughter, that would create a gap between the three. I would prefer a nay. W is We shall overcome.

    1. Thanks Deepa. Yes, Tara is a good combination of all three, but I am glad she balanced herself well in all these 3 roles. But, now she should face Nikhil, let’s see what she does tomorrow!

  2. I just love the line, ‘ I was in love with love and not you’ how true is that ! I think she should tell Nikhil. She has just had a closure and she should start her life on a fresh note and build it on trust. It’s always better to be honest.

  3. Loved this episode! Good Tara. She has matured enough to understand the life! I would say Yes to share with Nikhil and start new burden less happy life with Nikhil. Hope Nikhil to handle it well as he loves her sincerely knowing her past.

  4. LOL! I often ask myself what would I do if I were in this situation? Sometimes I feel I would admit to my hubby, because living with this burden would be too much for me. Better to confess and then live with the consequences. What do you say? But again, if hubby doesn’t take it too well, that’s the end of the married life for sure. 🙁

  5. Yes, I am glad too she has found her inner strength and pulled herself in time. Most of us are looking for that illusory tall, dark and handsome, while the dull husband is who keeps us grounded and alive. Thank you Balaka! 🙂 🙂

    1. Yes, Seema, you are right! I guess after 18 years, you should not be interested in fault finding – who did what and why. Life’s mantra is to go on and not let the past chain you down.

  6. Hmm.. I think she would tell Nikhil. She has also realized that she doesn’t love Nikhil. I dunno what she would do after this. May be take control of her life. And be the independent woman she always has been.

  7. Felt as if I am watching a brand new Yash Chopra movie! Fell in love, head over heels, with the dialogues here Anshu. You are terrific when voicing the hearts calling. Kudos to you.

    As for the story… Tara, you again are my favourite. Off late, I was feeling a distance building up between you and me. Not any more! Love you the way you are…

    1. That’s a big compliment, Anagha! I am a Yash Chopra fan too! 🙂 Glad you could reconnect with Tara, she is not a bad person, just got carried away in emotions.

  8. I am so glad she got the closure, one she was holding for so long. Sharing everything with Nikhil, ideally, she should; practically she may not. Let’s see what our brilliant writer has weaved.

  9. Ha ha ha, you have chosen your side and I respect your choice. Nikhil is a good person, pity we rarely meet such men in real life. Tara would have loved him from time to time, but he was more like a friend, the father of her daughter, a companion, etc. She never loved him passionately, and for Tara, that was very important.

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