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The next morning being Saturday, Tara got up late. But there was already a message from Himanshu asking her if she could meet her in the restaurant of her hotel. He was staying in a plush hotel of South Mumbai, hardly a 15 minute-drive for Tara. Tara messaged back with a simple, “Yes!”

But her happiness had no bounds. She was feeling like a teenager going on her first date. She booked an appointment with her salon for a hair spa, blow and dry, manicure-pedicure and face spa. When she came back home after 5 hours, her skin glowed, her hair sparkled and the most remarkable of all, she had a twinkle in her eye which had nothing to do with her afternoon sortie to the salon.

Even Tia noticed it and commented. “Mama, you are looking very different today. Like a young girl. What is it?”

Tara realized that she was being ostentatiously expressive with her feelings and so tried to calm herself down.

“Nothing, honey. Went to the salon today, so looking more civilized and presentable after a long time. I have a date with my friends, so generally happy with the way this weekend has panned out.”

“Ya, if only papa were there. It would have been better.”

That wiped the smile off Tara’s face. Nikhil. She hadn’t thought of him the whole day. She was his wife. What was she doing meeting Himanshu? Should she tell him about her date?

She shook her head. She was only meeting Himanshu as a friend. She was not answerable to Nikhil for every small thing, at least not for meeting just friends.

A small voice in her mind quipped – It’s not a small thing, nor is Himanshu ‘just’ your friend.

But she brushed the nagging voice aside.

Once Tia left for her friend’s house, Tara started to get ready. She picked a bold red dress that she knew looked good on her. She received compliments whenever she wore it. She put kohl in her eyes and coloured her lips in scarlet red. Her jewellery was minimal, only diamond studs, her engagement ring and a watch. A black bag and sensible flat shoes (she had abandoned heels when her knee pain surfaced a couple of years ago), and she was ready to go. She checked herself in the mirror, she looked good. Not a 23-year old, but a woman who was going out to have some fun. With another man. Again, the tiny voice nagged.

Shut up. She said aloud.

She was supposed to meet him at 8:30. But, she was ready well before the time. If she started now, she could reach before 8. But she would deliberately reach 15 minutes late. She didn’t want to look so eager, even if she was dying to meet him again. She switched on the TV, but after flicking numerous channels, she still couldn’t decide what to watch.

Time was hardly moving at all.

Himanshu was waiting for her in the hotel foyer. His eyes lit up as soon as he saw her.

He held her close and gave her a small peck on the cheek. She felt a frisson of excitement running down her entire body. What was wrong with her? She had not experienced anything like this for a very long time now?

They sat in the restaurant and ordered food. Over wine and small talk, they realised they couldn’t keep their eyes off one another. Their mouths were saying something while their eyes were suggesting something entirely different.

When their food plates were cleared away, Himanshu asked, “Would you care for a dessert?” Tara shook her head.

“I have some liqueur in my room, would you like some?”

Her tongue was suddenly dry. She picked up the glass of water and took a small sip. She knew what he was suggesting. If you entered a man’s bedroom, you should know what the outcome would be.

The question was – was Tara ready for it? Do you think Tara would accompany Himanshu to his hotel room? Find out in Vertigo

33 thoughts on “Utopia

  1. Imaginary.. I cant believe this.. Whatever she should not be entering the room of himanshu. This character is unnecessarily creating a tide in me. If ever i hear of a name himanshu, i will have a vendetta for this name remembering your story anshu. To remove the stigma she went to meet him is accepted. But not this. Whatever u may hold degrees behind your name, character is more important. For want of something u lose your character is not acceptable to me. Its just my opinion. U r the writer and u may have a twist. Pls Undo taras thoughts. U is UNDO https://syncwithdeep.wordpress.com/2018/04/24/u-undo-blogchattera2z-atozchallenge-atoz/

    1. Thank God, I don’t know anyone called Himanshu and wouldn’t want someone by that name in your life too. Or else God save him. 😉 Undo Tara’s thoughts – ha ha!! I like that!! 🙂 Let’s see how this story unfolds tomorrow.. do let me know if you like it!!

  2. Coming back to your post second time.. Your title confuses me. Utopia something imaginary.. So i guessed u will end it today she was imagining.. But again vertigo, is imbalance .. So does she lose her mental balance, getting aroused emotionally and following him to room. Have heard extra marital affairs, seen in movies, but would love to hear your perspective. If she is going then may be she wants to show that she is happy with nikil and it was himanshu the loser. I cant wait until tomorow.

    1. Utopia is imaginary, I agree. She is looking for happiness with Himanshu. Vertigo, because she is losing her balance of mind over Himanshu. She is not happy with Nikhil, and she is drawn towards Himanshu and thinks there is a deeper purpose behind the fact that Himanshu has come back in her life. She is not ready for extra martial, but she is not unsure footing, she herself doesn’t know what she will do or why she will do.

  3. I am getting all excited to re-read this. You have created a beautiful plot Anshu, I wonder what would be going in Tara’s head. It’s a body v/s head clash. Her body gives all go set it free signals, but head is weaving guilt.
    Can’t wait for tomorrow…

  4. She is in a different world, our Tara. She wouldn’t have paid heed to anyone or any voice. She is a woman of 40, I guess she knows what it means to enter a man’s room. Let’s see what she does now!

  5. i don’t have an advice for her. she can choose to go or not. I would say she would and then she would get interrupted, a call from nikhil may be. then she would realize. let’s see

  6. You got me on the edge…Will she? Wont she? What if she does and what if she doesnt…Oh man…I cant handle it. Keeping fingers crossed.

  7. What will happen next? Will she give in? She is definitely attracted to him. But why does she forget that he had ditched her unceremoniously. Hopping to the next chapter. BTW loved the narration a lot!!

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