Tangerine Dreams

This story is part of a novella – A girl was born

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How she behaved normally before her students and colleagues the whole day, Tara had no idea. But, no one found anything amiss which was a good sign.

As she took a warm bath on reaching home, Tara tried to come to terms with what had happened in the morning. She couldn’t believe at the turn of events. Not only did she meet Himanshu, but she also promised to see him again.

Should she tell Nikhil about it? She immediately refuted the idea. Nikhil was a dear man, but no sane husband would like his wife to meet her ex-boyfriend. She wanted to meet Himanshu again. She didn’t know why. Maybe for old times’ sake. Maybe because she was still attracted to him. Maybe he was the only exciting thing in her otherwise steady and dull life.

When Tia came back home in the afternoon, Tara was completely her normal self again. Her heart beat had come back to normal and she had regained her composure.

Tia wanted to have a sleepover at her best friend’s house the next night. It was a Friday night. On a normal day, Tara would have asked her a thousand and one questions and still taken up a long time to decide. But today, she didn’t take a moment to say yes. Tia could go to her friend’s house. Her daughter was taken aback. She stared at her mother.

“Mama, are you unwell?”

“No, why?”

“No, just like that. You usually never allow me to stay at a friend’s house.” She answered honestly. Tara felt a little guilty over this admission.

“Yes, but I have now realized you are a big and responsible girl.” Tia hugged her and gave her a peck on the cheek. Her daughter was already taller than her and so beautiful.

That night after Tia went into her room to sleep, Tara took out the visiting card. She ran her finger on the name embossed in silver on the charcoal grey card.

Himanshu Mittal



She dialled the number on her cellphone. It rang a couple of times before Himanshu’s deep voice answered it.

Without preamble, he said, “I knew you would call.”

“How did you know it was me?”

“I could sense you.” He said. “I hope you are calling me to say we can meet again.”



“Tomorrow evening.”

“I will let you know the place. Good night.” Himanshu disconnected the phone.

She couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come.

Would Tara visit Himanshu? Find out in Utopia

32 thoughts on “Tangerine Dreams

    1. Deepa, she is bored with her present life, and Himanshu has always been synonymous with excitement for Tara. So without thinking, she is just entering into dangerous territory.

    1. Thank you Seema! I feel so happy and sad at the same time to think that only 6 more chapters are left before the story gets over. I will miss this daily interaction with you and my other lovely blogger friends! All the best to you too! 🙂

  1. Finding it difficult to read Tara’s mind with each passing day. She appears nothing less than a puzzle to me. At one point of time, I thought may be she has some ace up her sleeve to give back to Himanshu his dues. You never know…
    Curious to know what happens next…

    1. I don’t think Tara is vindictive. She is a simple girl who fell in love, got ditched, got married to another man, but is not happy in her marriage. So when her earlier love returned, she is just flowing away with the emotions. Only 6 chapters left, she will rise soon. 🙂

  2. Honestly, if I would have been in Tara’s place I would have said yes to meet Himanshu again. Not for old time sakes, but to close an old chapter which never met its conclusion.
    Not mentioning this to Nikhil is little ‘something’ hidden deep in her heart. Need to read U

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