Sweet and Sour

This story is part of a novella – A girl was born

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She looked up into his eyes. They were shining with the same truth as they had many years ago. That did it. No one had told her she was beautiful in all these years, not even Nikhil. He was the only person who had found her beautiful and hadn’t shied away in telling her so.

Himanshu was the co-founder of a fintech company in Gurgaon and was visiting Mumbai for a series of meetings. He had married his British colleague who was working with him on the same assignment in London. They had been happy initially, but soon the cultural difference had taken a toll on their marriage. He had wanted to move to India, while she was hesitant of leaving everything behind for him. At the end of it, they both decided they loved their countries and respective cultures more than their marriage. And, so they quit. Himanshu moved back to India and started working in Gurgaon.

He still hadn’t told her why he left her in the first place? But, she didn’t want to. Somehow, it didn’t matter now.

Very soon, though it was more than an hour actually, his phone rang. He picked it up. He had a meeting to attend. He signalled to the waiter to bring the check. With money paid and a handsome tip rewarded, they both stepped out. Thankfully, the rain had stopped.

He hugged her. “This was very short, Tara and insufficient too. I would like to meet you some more. Do you think you can take out some time and meet me again?” His words were sincere.

She nodded, “When?”

“Tonight, tomorrow…I am in Mumbai for a week. Here, take my card and call me. No pressure though. Take your time.” He said.

After a moment, he quipped, “Don’t take a lot of time though!” It reminded her of the earlier time when he had said the exact same words and she couldn’t help but laugh.

30 thoughts on “Sweet and Sour

  1. What an idiot she is and how smooth he is!! I am surprised she gave him so much fo her time and emotions even now after everything! Why do we women do this to ourselves? Please shake her up Anshu – I so badly want to 😉

    1. Shalini, I agree with you. She is behaving like a fuzzy brained teenager. She has forgotten about her husband, her daughter and herself. Women invite troubles on themselves with their weak will.

    1. Yes, isn’t it surprising how it doesn’t matter to her now why he left her, just because she is meeting him again. Wait for Monday, things are heating up!

  2. Neethu, she has forgotten everything. The way he behaved with her. I guess time has made her forget how horrible he had been to her. She is just happy in the knowledge that she has met him again. Pitiable creature!

  3. I didn’t know you despised Himanshu so much… let Tara relive her past a little. At the age of 40+, when there is not much magic in life, women sometimes tend to seek adventure elsewhere. Also, Himanshu has always been a sore point with Tara.

  4. Its ok to meet your ex but this may lead to something thats not good. I bet she will not tear away the card. But that meeting may set her free from this baggage forever. Lets see

        1. Oh, sorry to hear about that, the sick child, not the travel of course. 😉 Hope the child is better now. You still have one weekend, I am sure you will, dear!

  5. Somebody, pl wake up Tara from her “Himashu” spell. She is acting like a puppet at the hands of the cheater. Thats not done Anshu. Pl let Tara stand firm on ground and show Himanshu the door.

    1. Shirley, I never thought this way. Interesting is your point of view. I just started writing this story for AtoZ challenge, never knew it would keep readers hooked. 🙂 Thanks so much.

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