Past is never dead

This story is part of a novella – A girl was born

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16th chapter
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Tia was soon a teenager and Tara in her early forties. Before she had known, the midlife had slowly crept up on her. She had quite a few grays in her hair and fine lines around her eyes. She wore reading glasses as she had trouble reading without them. Thankfully, she had not put on weight and had the same slender frame. Nikhil on the other hand had piled on a few kilos, especially on his midriff. His once black hair had completely turned grey, but he refused to colour them.

“With age, you should leave vanity behind, Tara and accept the way you are!” He said. He was also turning more philosophical with age.

Nikhil’s business was growing by leaps and bounds, and that kept Nikhil away from the city and his family more than he liked. Tara, meanwhile having finished her post-graduation, was teaching in a school. She even taught the kids of the building watchmen and domestic helps at her home for free. She didn’t earn much, but that was secondary. She loved kids and was surrounded by adorable little people throughout her day.

After Tia, they had wanted another child, but they couldn’t conceive. They even saw a doctor and tried to get pregnant using more advanced methods, but it didn’t work out. After a while, the disappointment and pain over not getting pregnant was too much for them to bear, and they quit trying.

With time, like all marriages do, Nikhil and Tara’s marriage too had fallen into a comfortable pattern. They liked each other’s company and took care of their responsibilities towards their home, child and each other. If Tara was a good mother, Nikhil was a hands on father too. Between both of them, they made sure Tia got good values and the confidence to do well in life. Tia was a happy and loving child. 

Though Tara was a busy woman and her life was full, there were times when she caught herself thinking of the past, and in particular of Himanshu. She wondered where he was nowadays? What had become of him? How many kids he had? And sometimes she even imagined what her life would have been if he had not left her the way he did.

All these unanswered questions made her stressful and restless. Maybe they were the signs of her impending menopause. Maybe they were the last of hormones playing a trick on her.

Why did Tara think of Himanshu?? Was it an omen of some kind? Find out in Que Sera Sera

27 thoughts on “Past is never dead

  1. Oh anshu I really love this episode. It’s driving me nuts. Happy that Tara and Niki had the chemistry. I too had problems with after my son. I got conceived but had terminated pregnancies at 3 months 4 times before my last child fell into the toilet bowl at 8months. After that had no plans of conceiving. All these took place for me before I reached 30. I guess it’s the midlife hormones making Tara to think about himanshu. Past is past and I believe Tara forgets him for good reasons. Such a coincidence. Our posts could fairly relate today. P is plethora of emotions.

    1. Oh, I am so sorry for you Deepa. I have had a miscarriage at 3 months prior to my daughter, even after 8 years it hurts. So I can’t even begin to imagine your pain. Reading your posts you come across such a happy and positive soul. I am so glad to have met you!! God bless you, darling! You are a strong woman!

  2. We humans especially women have this strange tendenacy to think of the past and people who were once a part of our life. Some may think it’s stupid but it’s not like she’s doing it on purpose. It comes to her mind . It’s good to see that she’s doing well professionally and has a fulfilled life

    1. You said it, Akshata! It’s not that we do it deliberately, looking back at the past is something that all humans do. Women more so may be! It’s not stupid, it’s how their mental make up is.

  3. Many a times, knowingly or unknowingly, we do think of the past and try to correlate with the present. It’s perfectly fine. The important thing is she has a happy family and is doing well.

  4. Himanshu’s son.. ha ha Neethu, your imagination is running faster than mine!! That would be some angle!! 😉 Kabhi Kabhi repeating itself! I am laughing here so hard!! But seriously, didn’t think of it. Why didn’t I. 🙂

  5. Its quite human to think on ifs and buts line. Tara being a good teacher should know that living in present will keep the life simple. Hoping best for Tara!

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