He Said, She Said

This story is part of a novella – A girl was born

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To do. To do not. To meet him. To meet him not.

Tara was in a constant fight with herself for the last two days.

She didn’t know him. Why did he want to meet her? Was he a decent man? She heard so many stories of girls being pestered by antisocial elements nowadays.

She decided to message Kush’s mother.

“Hello, this is Tara miss. Heard about the incident. Hope Kush’s grandparents are doing well. Met your brother at the Open House.”

After a couple of hours, she got the message.

“They are doing better now, thank you. I had asked Himanshu to get Kush’s reports. Kush is missing you and can’t wait for the new term to begin.” The message ended with a happy emoticon.

Well, at least Himanshu’s credibility was established. Tara thought no further and messaged him in a moment of impulse.

“Let’s meet this Saturday at 11 am, Beverage Point!”

Once the message was sent, doubts started creeping in. It was too late now.

“Good.” He replied immediately.

Saturday arrived, and with it a flight of butterflies in her stomach. She was unsure of her decision. She thought, on many occasions, to cancel the date, but this was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to her, she didn’t want to let it go without trying. She was an independent girl; if things got ugly, which she doubted they would in a public place, she could handle them.

She took ages to get ready. She couldn’t decide on an ideal dress to wear. Some made her look needy, some a Victorian prude and some very cold and distant. It took her sometime to pick an outfit that made her look pretty, slim, fashionable but at the same time not too eager.

In a sunshine yellow dress, she arrived at the café only to find Himanshu waiting for her. He got up and took her one hand in a firm handshake. Motioning her to sit down, he took a seat opposite her.

She was very nervous.

“I had a very strong feeling that you would fall sick at the last moment.” He joked. She laughed, appreciating his witty attempt to break the ice.

“I was almost tempted to do that.” She replied. He smiled.

“Thank you for not giving in.” The man was charming. She had to give him credit for that.

“So, what will you take. Masala tea, ginger tea, iced tea…??”

“Lemon iced tea.”

“One lemon iced tea and one double expresso,” he said to the passing waiter.

“You must be thinking if I was a creep to have invited you without knowing you.”

“Well, I must admit the thought did enter my mind.” I told him truthfully.

“I have never done this before, acted so rashly. But, I had heard so much about you both from Kush and my sister, that I had to meet this paragon of virtue. The lady luck was on my side when I had to take my sister’s place the school meeting, and I got to meet you.”

“I was charmed, you see. I saw the way you talked to the parents before me. You were so cool, calm and collected.”

She lowered her eyes in embarrassment. She was not good at handling compliments.

“And, you are so beautiful!” He said softly. Tara looked up immediately. No one in her life had ever called her that before. Charming, yes, smart and intelligent, yes…but beautiful, never.

She had a doubt. “Are you flirting with me?”

“No, not at all!” He sounded offended.

“You are beautiful, beauty is in the eyes, you know!” His words were sincere. And, so, for the first time in her life, Tara actually felt beautiful. Her dark skin was beautiful.

They talked about each other. Himanshu was a Chartered Accountant, working at a prestigious multinational bank in Mumbai. He had some leaves due and so he was visiting his parents. He had one more week before he left for Mumbai.

Tara had thought she would make some polite excuse after an hour and leave. But, one hour got over, and she didn’t realize. When she next checked her watch, it was just over 2 pm. Himanshu was an interesting person, and they were enjoying knowing each other.

The sun was hanging low on the horizon, turning the sky into a beautiful landscape of orange, red, blue and purple, when they finally stepped out of the café. They decided to meet each other the next day.

Is it the beginning of a love story?? Do you think Tara and Himanshu are made for each other? Read about them further in tomorrow’s post. I won’t give you the chapter name as it is a giveaway. 🙂

36 thoughts on “He Said, She Said

    1. Even I believed in fairy tales, but learnt that they are only fit for children, the hard way. BTW, I love happy endings. Thanks for reading and liking it. 🙂

  1. The story is coming up so well. I hope Himanshu turns out to be good and not a villian!

    Only one thing, I hope you dont mind.

    “Well, I must admit the thought did enter my mind.” I told him truthfully. — here it should be “she told him truthfully”

    1. Thanks Meena for appreciating the story. And, thanks for pointing out the error. While building up the story, sometimes I think in first person. 😉 Will correct it.

  2. This was such a romantic description of the date! Definitely would want Himanshu & Tara to fall in love ! Looking forward to tomorrow

  3. Let the best thing happen to Tara!
    Agreed that one puts the best feet forward in the first meeting, I wish to believe that Himanshu is not fox in the sheep’s skin.

  4. Oh please make it happen, world is so very ugly out there let this be a perfect love story. I am enjoying this phase of reading Anshu. Still loads of unfinished business at work, but I am gleefully stuck here reading Tara. Lovely relateable story.

    1. Aww.. thanks so much. I am touched. Yes, it’s familiar, because many women go through this. There is no dearth of people like Tara and HImanshu in this world.

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