Movie Review – Queen

In her latest released Queen, Kangana Ranaut has proved once again that you needn’t belong to a filmy clan or have a Godfather to be a good successful actor. All you need are good acting skills and a heart at the right place. And the results are mindblowing.

movie review - Queen

Queen starts with a wedding sequence in a typical loud Punjabi family. It is the mehendi occasion of Rani (Kangana Ranaut) where the entire family from the uber cool granny to young overweight brother shake a leg. But in the next scene, the fiancé Vijay (Rajkummar Rao) breaks the engagement. A heartbroken Rani flies to Paris (the city of her dreams) and Amsterdam (the city of her fiancé’s dreams) on a solo honeymoon. And from there starts her journey to self-discovery.

Rani is a nice simple girl who hasn’t travelled before finds herself in a few precarious situations but with the help of a half desi-half French friend she learns a few lessons of life that she could have never done staying in the folds of her family. In her next destination to Amsterdam, she finds herself sharing a youth hostel with three men. Awkward at first for her, she soon adapts herself and makes friends with them. In the heat of the moment, she even locks lips with a ‘cute’ Italian. Mamma mia! In her journey, every day she deals with new situations and meets new people, but she never once loses the goodness of her heart or the faith in people. The high-handed fiancé comes back to her apologizing but does Rani take him back?

It’s an out and out Kangana Ranaut film. From the first scene to the last, she keeps you riveted to your seat. Power-packed dialogues delivered in a simple manner and her no-pretence acting will capture your heart. The shenanigans of her once drunken night or her shyness in a room full of strange men will make you reach out to her and hug her. The dialogues are funny and will keep you in splits. The songs are beautiful especially ‘London Thumakda’ will make you break into a jig. All the actors be it the spunky granny, the lively and promiscuous Vijayalakshmi (Lisa Haydon), the spineless fiancé or the three friends in Amsterdam have done a fabulous work. But it’s the flawless script that takes the cake. If Kangana is the Queen, then script is the King. Vikas Bahl, the director of Chillar Party fame, should get a standing ovation for making a fresh, simple and meaningful film.

My Verdict: If you have nothing else to do this weekend, then go watch this movie. Even if you have something to do this weekend, still go watch this movie. Such a film comes once in years. Don’t miss it!

Hail the Queen!

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