Mallika Sherawat at Cannes 2013

The minute Mallika Sherawat opens up her mouth, we know nothing sensible is gonna come out of it. In her 10-year Bollywood tenure, her only claim to fame is Murder where her hot sizzling looks in itsy-bitsy bikinis and hot wet kisses got her much acclaim. Since, a long time she has been absent from the local filmy scene and quite active in the Hollywood front. Every year she is seen at the Cannes Film Festival and thoroughly criticized either for her abominable dressing or bold remarks.

Mallika Sherawat at Cannes

But this year, the entire thing has gone to a different level. Though, this time around, she finally got her dressing style right enough to silence the fashion critics, her fake accent and off-the-cuff remarks have landed her in a soup.

India is a hypocritical society, regressive for women and depressing place to be.

She said it loud and clear. We heard it, didn’t like it and slammed the poor woman.

Why? Because it came out of the mouth of nothing-to-write –home-about Mallika Sherawat. Would we have been equally judgemental if it had been Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who said these words? Please, cut her some slack, will you?

What has she said that we don’t already know? It’s the truth that every Indian knows in his/her heart. So why is it so hard to take it when someone voices it! It’s not a bad thing to say the truth.

In the past few months, haven’t we seen enough examples to support this theory?

Weren’t we scared for ourselves and our daughters when the ‘Nirbhayakand’ happened? – YES

Has that stopped subsequent ‘kands’ happening? – NO

Anytime a rape or a scam happens  don’t we find this country to be a depressing place? – YES

Don’t we find the keepers of the law and justice, people at the helm of India’s leadership and the think-tanks of the society hypocritical? – YES

India is a hypocritical society, regressive for women and depressing. India may not be the only country with these characteristics but the truth remains that it is one of them. Having the first lady Prime Minister or having some women in the top rungs at the Indian Corporate scene doesn’t prove that we are progressive in thoughts and behaviour. These examples are too far and in between to really prove anything. Take note, your average woman is still suppressed and baby girls are still killed.

India shining is a good theory but yet to be proved.

4 thoughts on “Mallika Sherawat at Cannes 2013

  1. Anshu, I felt exactly this when I heard her mouth those words about India. Sans her accent and sans her narcissim, but with the same venom, I agree with her on the position of Indian women in our society.

  2. I do agree. But that no talent woman was there to represent our country. she can say what she wants at her own time but not when she is representing our country. And she should remember that the ‘regressive’ men in this country lusted after her and made her famous. Just sayin! 🙂

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