readyBeware Rajnikanth, Salman Khan is here with a bang!!! This movie is an ode to Salman Khan. Salman with his crisp dialogue delivery, over the top comical salman-esque expressions, bindaas dance moves will capture your hearts once more. Somebody who has always been overshadowed by his co-stars for the last 20 years, his last 3 movies has proved that he can carry the burden of making a film hit all by himself.

Anees Bazmee has done a far better job than his earlier no-brainers. We can now forgive him for his earlier tortures.

One advice for Asin: why make long faces on an already longer one?

For those looking for meaningful cinema, please don’t waste your time and some valuable theater seats.

A typical run-of-the-mill story has been presented in a larger than life style with a horde of actors and comical situations.

Though the 2 1/2 hrs movie has been made longer by never ending movie trailers attached, not a single moment seems dragged or unwanted. And it is made all the more worth while at the end when Salman removes his shirt to show off his still perfectly chiseled torso. Oohs and aahs!

If only Asin’s wardrobe could have been better worked upon! An heiress wouldn’t dream of moving in garrish lehenga-cholis seemed to be borrowed from plastic mannequins in innumerable shops outside Dadar station.

For all those Salman Khan fans, go and revel in the Salman experience.

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