Ek Main Aur Ek Tu

emaetMovie is set in Las Vegas, the city of hasty marriages and instant gratification. The hero, Rahul (Imran Khan) is a low-on-self-esteem and out-of-job architect while the heroine, Rianna Briganza (Kareena Kapoor) is a fun-loving and wild-spirited hair stylist, out of job too. Now one evening, these two meet over some drinks and in a drunken stupor end up getting hitched in a local wedding chapel.  The next day when they are their usual selves again, they realize their mistake and call for an annulment. Meanwhile unforeseen circumstances force them to stay together and slowly they become good friends.

Next, they fly to India for a week-long vacation where Rianna is embraced in the warmth of her family while Rahul has to endure his overbearing father and social butterfly mother. Rahul realizes he is in love with his friend while for Rianna, he is just a friend (done to death, yawn!). So the movie ends on a hopeful note of them coming together as more than just friends. The first half is interesting with a few comic scenes but post interval the movie drags on.

Imran Khan is a fine actor but God alone knows why he is torturing himself (and us too!) by doing straight jacketed stereotype roles. Kareena needs a break and some refresher acting courses. Her roles are now just an extension of her Jab-We-Met-bubbly and vivacious next-door-girl Geet.

Seriously it’s a nice watch if you have plenty of time to kill and nothing else to do.

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