Why Did I Grow Up?


As a young girl, I could not wait to grow up. Vacations were great and so were holidays. But what I hated the most were homework and studying for exams. Well, who doesn’t? I would grumble before my parents every now and then, “You are so lucky, you don’t have exams!” But they never said anything, just smiled.

As a child I would cry when parents wouldn’t buy me more chocolates, new doll/toy or when my best friend ignored me and called another classmate her “best” friend. Oh, the simplicity of childhood!

Now, in spite of being happily married with an extra-ordinary hubby and a beautiful daughter, I remember my childhood and terribly miss the bygone days. Now I realize, the scolding of teachers/parents were better than the sugar-coated conversations of “well-meaning” relatives, taking school exams was less difficult than the many hurdles of life and that late-night studying was better than the sleepless nights spent over worrying about what life has in store for my little girl. Now, I understand the gravity of the smile of my parents.

I realize, albeit sadly, it’s no fun being a grownup. What wouldn’t I give to get those carefree days back!

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