One Fine Saturday…

It’s been such a long time that I had started actually feeling guilty. Why did I not write when that’s all I want to do.

Today I woke up happy…its Saturday..which means no work, urrr, I meant apart from the household chores. I don’t know why suddenly at 7 in the morning, I felt like visiting Maria Goretti’s blog (I had read about her blog in Sunday Times a few weeks back and had been wanting to check it out). So I finally visited her blog, which I quite liked. ( Her writing is fresh and honest and her pictures are awesome. That inspired me enough to write something on my blog, even if it was just mentioning about Maria’s blog.

So what I have been doing for the last few months…well, I have been working as a Consultant at a Social Media Consultancy. Well, I get to write a lot as it’s all about writing. But mind you, that writing is something I am being paid for, so they expect me to write exactly what they want me to write. Though it’s fun, it’s not the same thing as writing for yourself. Now, that’s one another thing that has been pushed to the backburner and that is my story. Started it with much gusto 2 years back but I lost the fervor in the middle. In spite of being passionate about the subject, the story and the characters, nothing flows out of my mind while my fingers keep drumming fruitlessly on the keyboard. My mind goes blank and I shut down the Word Doc in frustration. This must be what writer’s call ‘A Block’. When will it get over is anybody’s guess. Hope to un-block it soon.

Meanwhile trying to read Anna Karenina of Tolstory on my Kindle..yes yes, last year my sweet gadget-freak husband insisted on getting me a Kindle to keep me entertained when I was carrying. The reason he gave was superfluous but he bought it just the same. Why I said “trying” is┬ábecause when I picked this book up (virtually I mean), I wanted to know the story of Anna Karenina (my daughter Aanya got her name from the same root “Hannah”), wife of a Russian aristocrat. I had certain expectations from the book. But what I had not bargained for was pages and pages on Russian Labor laws (for that I would have read Karl Marx) that had nothing to do with our l’il Anna. I have reached halfway, let’s see how the rest of the book turns out.

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